A Brand New Life

Reconciliation 1 - Version 2

In retreat we study and practice so hard that somehow the whole story about practice can become very solid,  almost like concrete.

Breaking that concrete is the last challenge.

Now it is time to just be human, be yourself, free from all that package.

In fact a brand new life!


  1. Angeles says:

    Congratulations dear Kalu.
    You have to get naked to Being, even without the costume that surely gives Lama..

  2. te says:

    Dear Kalu Rim,

    Don’t understand your post, what does it mean practise becoming solid?
    Love you,


  3. Virginia Farage says:

    today I was sooooooooooooo human , I need to be , as someone need to know how respect anothers.

  4. Barbara says:

    Thank you Kalou… for 2 days I met you for the first time, I met Buddhism for the first time, I met dharma for the first time, I stayed at La Boullaye for the first time, but I felt on the right place… I really enjoied your teatching, on Saturday and Sunday, your open mind, your support for an independant dharma practice, your words really touched me deeply… thanks a lot for this extraordinary experience and discovery. It was really great! You told us, you’re not as illuminate as we can imagine, but I’m sure you are and you will become even more… be yourself, continue on your way, with your wisedom and your own words, your own way of expressing yourself!! take care, Barbara

  5. Pascale says:

    (first sorry for my english…)
    Kalou Rimpoché
    Just to say thank you. I was also in la Boulaye in March. I don’t understand a lot, but I feel full of gratitude.
    You seems young and people don’t seems to be always kind or respectful with you, but you keep going to help them. It’s remarkable.
    So for all of us who are blind and childish:
    I beg you to keep going to help.
    Thank you

    From a beginner

  6. Nutshell says:

    Kalu Rinpoche, I have just become acquainted with your teachings through Youtube and I am so impressed with the changes you are implementing in your order. I am grateful for your courage and I wish you every success and support as you forge a new method to an old path. Your openness is to your credit and service.


  7. lassock says:

    Dear kalu rinpoche brother, well I think in the life can be so call you, but you in front of the Buddha is the master and we are your most loyal followers. Although we separated by thousands of water but heart is closely linked to each other. HMM… Ok thank you hee hee


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