Our Three Jewels


The Buddha taught three things: openness, stability, and to  recognize the nature of our own mind.

Openness is accepting the guidance of a spiritual teacher. It also means a willingness to embrace reality – the reality around us and the reality of our own confusion – and to embrace others as a part of our path.

As we become aware of our selves, we then need to learn stability, develop stability in the qualities of our awareness and in our values – motivation.

And this allows us to finally look directly and realize the true nature of our own mind.


  1. Lydia A says:

    Thank you for this elegant message. <3

  2. Karma Yeshe says:

    Buddha opetti kolme asiaa: avoimuuden, tasapainon ja kyvyn tunnistaa oman mielensä perustan.

    Avoimuus on henkisen opettajan ohjauksen hyväksymistä. Se myös tarkoittaa halukkuuttaa syleillä todellisuutta – todellisuutta ympärillämme ja hämmennyksemme todellisuutta – ja syleillä muita osana polkua.

    Kun tulemme tietoisiksi itsestämme, meidän täytyy oppia tasapainoa, kehittää tasapainoa ominaisuuksissamme ja meidän arvoissamme – motivaatiossa.

    Ja tämä antaa meidän vihdoin katsoa suoraan ja oivaltaa mielemme todellinen luonto.

  3. Dear Kalu
    I really value the straightforward simplicity of these teachings!.I think it is so important to embrace the whole of reality, including,as you say,the reality of confusion to discover the clarity that is at the centre of it.Thank you.

  4. kawaii Liew/ Tsultrim Tsering Yitrog says:

    The nature of mind is quite tough to maintain. in the past, monks go around for alms daily, but now time has changed. All sanghas lay or ordained work very hard in dharma centres/ institution, or at work trying to win the bread and butter, either food or money. Is it possible to stablelize nature of mind while multi-tasking?.

  5. Chiuman says:

    Dear Kalu Rinpoche,

    Please give us some guide to do simple daily meditation.
    Thank you


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