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To be a spiritual advisor is not like getting a PhD or being a professor where after completing your study you become a spiritual advisor .

In fact don’t ever try to be a spiritual advisor or a lama, it doesn’t work like that. Just keep practicing with your life responsability and with your meditation training practices, then it will come naturally .

When you have a true practice as a student of Buddhism, you will find yourself naturally able in real situations to share some spiritual advice. It will come from your  truthful and happy personality,  you will share your life understanding and your natural warmth with anyone around you.


  1. Pema Lhamo says:

    Someday perhaps I will be as good as you. From your example of how you share your life understanding and your natural warmth with every one around you.

  2. Sua pr´tica é muito preciosa !

    Somos felizes em poder contar com um amigo

    tão maravilhoso , simples e amoroso !Agradecida querido !

  3. richard says:

    Bravo! Bravo! Bravo!

  4. élisabeth says:

    I like to remember your natural warmth and gentleness. Cheers me up.

  5. rita ashworth says:

    Are you planning to come to the UK in the near future 2012/13?

    It would be great to attend one of your programmes. I am interested to hear what you say about the practice of meditation in the modern age.

    In the North of the UK I am helping to organise an annual Buddhist convention for the many Buddhist groups in the region -the North is a hive of activity in relation to dharma practice and I believe that many Buddhists and others that are interested in meditation could have a profound effect on the way society is organised here. I think it is time for all Buddhists/meditators out there to work on joint projects for the good of community life and to a degree forget sectarian differences. I think it is only this way that the path of meditation will spread in the west and be a meaningful way of engaging with others. For too long we have been focussing on difference and the ‘correct’ way to connect with dharma -we need to transcend these unseemly divergences and check in with the reality of daily life around the globe…..well yours in the dharma Rita Ashworth

  6. Kel says:

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us.
    I’ve got a picture of you and ‘my love’ together, in my room, every morning
    I look at it and give you a kiss. That’s the only thing I can do now, watch a photo, both of you are so far away from me fisically…but deeply in my hart and in my mind. Any suggestions to cope when love is not enough in a relationship?
    Thanks in advance for your kind advice.

  7. Sergio Gorjao says:

    Dear Rinpoché

    I was in your Conference in Madrid. Thank you for your kindness and generosity to share yous poin of view and guide us in a level that we can investigate ourselves. Many things make sense to me, mostly about the “conflict” betwen ritual routen and true inner practice. Most of the time I feel that the training is externaly important, but in my heart it just does not fit completly, maybe because I dont understand the deep of the teachings and the meaning of practices, and for that I was/am a little sad or even guilt. I try, realy, to bring the essence of the teachings in my heart and in my daily life, but some how I still have this feeling that I am lazy about the practices… can you advise me how to be more regular with the practices?

    Thank you



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