Donations: a shared responsibility


This is a message to my dear friends and kind sponsors all over the world. This is NOT about asking for donation, but to remind all of us of the shared responsibility we have to make things right, whether we ask for donation or whether we make donation. Those two actions are interconnected, and need our conscious care and attention.

From my side I have the responsibility to manage the charitable trust that was set up by previous Kalu Rinpoche in a clean and transparent way. From your side you have the responsibility to send money in the proper channel with receipts and a clear vision of the purpose and the use of the funds.

I have been told and I know that some lamas and monks have been going around in different countries requesting donations in Kalu Rinpoche’s name to support different activities, be it for Sonada and Salugara monasteries, or for other purposes. I have also been told that some funds might not have been used or might not have been properly given, resulting in donations being sent to private accounts instead of to our India charitable organisation where it can all be all accounted for. To avoid misuse of funds it is important to use the proper channel and bank accounts of the charitable trust, Droden Kunchyab Charitable Trust.

For your information, you will be happy to know that actually we have regular funds coming every month for Sonada and Salugara monasteries. This is in large part thanks to the ongoing work of Gabrielle Stavolone in France and her “Association Kalou Rimpotché d’Aide à l’Enfance” which has my complete support. But please note that any request that hasn’t been made by me personally for the purpose of supporting the monasteries or the monks is incorrect.

Of course we welcome your participation and donations, but only though the Charitable trust whose details I will mention later on my web site. Don’t worry, there will be more projects that will need support from all of us, such as building new schools, hospitals or setting up a Palden Shangpa foundation to support my Dharma activity world-wide. In due time we will let you know the needs, purposes and details for your participation in these projects, but this mail is just to remind you to be cautious and clear. As I am taking over step by step the responsibility of the late Kalu Rinpoche, I want to make sure to avoid any individual business or individual politics using the name of Dharma. This is my responsibility toward you and toward Dharma and I want to share this with you, so you can also join me with your clean heart in refitting the altruistic activity of our Shangpa lineage.

If anybody has doubts, wants to make a donation or offer voluntary work, it is better to contact me directly using the following email address: .

From my heart,
Kalu Rinpoche


  1. Ana Luiza says:

    Well said Rinpoche. Thanks for being loyal and transparent about this and other issues. May your activity increase and spread! Be happy.

  2. mavishacker says:

    Rim thanks for voice out !…. this is a hidden problem for most of the centre, no one wants to realize it and not easy to manage, hopes all parties be aware of it… :)

  3. kawaii Liew/ Tsultrim Tsering Yitrog says:

    Rinpoche is very mature. Very good teaching, good point, thanks.

  4. Goldanny Chu says:

    ^ ^Y

  5. Erika Belair says:

    Thank you very much ,Rinpoche,that is a very important point and it is very generous of you to give us a direct email contact to offer donation or activity.
    You are really doing a great job!

  6. Erika Belair says:

    Is it possible to use this same email for practice questions or advice questions…or do you have a separate one for this…?
    Its just in case…most questions clarify themselves…after a while…

    • dradas says:

      We do not have a specific contact for practice or personal questions and we are in the process of creating an access from the web. It will take a while, but for sure the email dedicated to voluntary help is not set up for personal questions.

  7. Victoria says:

    Thanks for letting us know of this opportunity to help oneself and others…Is very interesting

  8. Angel says:

    You are so sincere .. Thanks for ur letter..

  9. life is a dream. no happy & no pain.

  10. madeline schreiber says:

    Thank you for the quality of integrity that cuts through the obstacles.
    Thank you for your exertion, clarity and gentleness.
    Long life for us all
    Palms together
    Dharma student

  11. Carol-Anne says:

    The world needs more people like you Rinpoche….what a blessing to have you as a leader of so many. My heart overflows with admiration since hearing you in Vancouver Sept 21-23. Love and Blessings for a long life!

  12. Karen Rogers says:

    Thank You for the integrity in which you deliver your message…Thank You


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