Dangerous tools

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We love our children so much, we can give them anything, but we would never give them a knife, right?

A teacher can give the student any teaching but if there is no understanding some teaching can actually be dangerous.


  1. mavishacker says:

    hi ! 請看以下中文翻譯…


    hi rim la… why did not have any photos attached ?? not enough attractive la :p

  2. Ohkyoung Kim says:

    I receive your words very thankfully.

  3. Begoña says:

    hope to have the understanding enough, hope hope

  4. kayie says:

    rim rim,
    What’s the “understanding”? Is it the understanding between the teacher and student, or is it the understanding of the teaching, or both?

  5. maite/maria says:

    I understand this

  6. SpiritualFreedom says:

    Honestly …..
    sometimes I can not understand Rim’s teachings
    very very sorry i just tell the truth in my heart

  7. Changluo says:

    A student can listen to any kind of teaching, but if one is not aware of the intentions in choosing what one hears, then the teaching can actually be quite dangerous.

    Sometimes what you hear is what you want to hear (but NOT actually what was said), and sometimes what you hear is what you need to hear (but what you intentionally ignore).

  8. Jue-hui Shi says:

    Below is my interpretation about Kalu rim rim’s above article:


    It’s fun to translate Kalu rim rim’s article, because there are many ways to interpret some key words, such as “understanding.” He inspires me to think of many possible answers, and pick up my favorite one.

    Thanks again, Kalu rim rim. You are the source of my inspiration!

  9. Söpa Nyima says:

    la serpiente no piensa, actúa.

  10. Erika-Kunchog says:

    The danger is that any Teaching can be used to strengthen the ego and to embark on a power trip.
    The antidote is the motivation to aspire to realisation to benefit beings and compassion.
    But as ego is tricky the best is to have a regular check up with your Teacher…. sometimes just a blessing or a look by the Teacher can shrivel the ego …sometimes a longer exposure is necessary….sometimes just thinking of the Teacher is enough…sorry if writing too much here ….thank you so very much Rinpoche for your inspiration and seeing you with Situ Rinpoche subdues my ego even more…..

  11. Berna Wang says:

    with love and devotion —and sorry for being a bit late, I was celebrating Mother’s Day (in Spain) with my mother!

    Herramientas peligrosas

    Queremos tanto a nuestros hijos que podemos darles cualquier cosa, pero nunca les daríamos un cuchillo, ¿verdad?

    El maestro puede dar al alumno cualquier enseñanza, pero si no hay cierta comprensión, algunas enseñanzas pueden ser en realidad peligrosas.

  12. Totally agree and appreciate it.
    That’s why qualified teachers are precious, so are qualified students.

  13. kawaii Liew/ Tsultrim Tsering Yitrog says:

    Wow, I know exactly what teacjings they are dangerous, wink *

  14. Antoine says:

    Please Rinpochela and must do when this child is seriously ill?


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