Throne of Devotion

Throne of devotion 1

I often arrive in centers and am asked to sit on a high throne. Even though I understand the throne is supposed to signify respect, for me this is artificial; such thrones are only wood, paint and brocade. Moreover, this creates an unnecessary distance between me and the students.

I’d rather be supported by the throne of your devotion to Dharma.


  1. Berna Wang says:

    Good morning :) With love and devotion, here is the Spanish translation:

    Trono de devoción

    Cuando llego a los centros suelen pedirme que me siente en un trono alto. Aunque entiendo que se supone que el trono repesenta respeto, para mí es algo artificial; este tipo de tronos son sólo madera, pintura y brocado. Además, esto crea una distancia innecesaria entre los estudiantes y yo.

    Preferiría estar respaldado por el trono de vuestra devoción.

  2. Philippe says:

    Agreed 100%. Last thing we need is more thrones and titles….Though I always been leery, and disaproved of the “tulku system” and hierarchy that ensues as being totally irrelevant to the teachings, I am reconforted in checking your videos for the last couple of days, how you handle yourself and what you say. It is a fresh approach,,,don’t ever be afraid to explore and take risks.. Afterall, we all need to take the biggest risk of all one day and show complete madness (in a good way) to jump for it..
    Your “Granpa Kalu” was one of those courageous beings who didnt mind taking those crazy steps as long as it didnt harm anyone in any ways. He was a real inspiration of courage. I think he would aprove of it all *grins*

  3. Amy Sin says:

    love to see you everyday ~

  4. Amy Sin says:

    haha…..changed to new logo in chinese version…..panda….I like it ~

  5. Dechen says:

    Throne of Devotion (헌신이라는 성좌)

    내가 센터에 도착하면 높은 성좌에 앉으라는 요청을 자주 받습니다. 나도 그 성좌가 존경을 표현하기 위한 것임을 알고는 있지만, 나에게는 하나의 인공적인 것일 따름입니다. 그러한 성좌들은 그냥 나무에 페인트와 조각을 더했을 뿐이라는 거죠. 게다가 이러한 성좌들은 법을 공부하는 여러분들과 나 사이의 불필요한 간격을 만들어낼 뿐입니다.

    나는 차라리 여러분들이 법을 향해 헌신하는 그 (마음의) 성좌에 의해 더 존경받는 느낌을 받습니다.

  6. jane says:

    Hello Rinpoche,

    I really appreciate your humble attitude. You say you are an ordinary person, but I think you are extraordinary in your humility :)

    Please come to Australia! We’re not anywhere near Europe or America, but we’re still jumping up and down for attention!

  7. Helen says:

    dear Kalu,

    love the way you express your true feeling, and also your heart to get near your students. yes, there’s no use for an artificial throne and it helps no one.

    i hope one day i can see you in your throne of dharma devotion.

    love you!!!


  8. starry starrynyt says:

    Rinpoche la, what happened to your facebook account Kalu Rinpoche Kal? It’s missing!

  9. Erika Belair says:

    You really ressemble your ‘Grandpa’ in your humility.He always astonished me with his humiliity and generosity of being.
    I am so glad you are around…


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