Light Shines Again

Candle at KL

My dear friends

I want to share with you the current news of the situation in Kagyu ling. Since this is my own web site, all students of previous Kalu Rinpoche that are connected to me are welcome, just as my new students, and i want to share the good news with all of you

With the great blessing and support from Vajradara Kenting the Twelfth Tai Situpa, and the support of my dharma brothers and sisters, changes have been made and the re-organisation of the center has been started.

It felt like I washed our old clothes. Previous Kalu Rinpoche brought some clothes for you and I am the one who has to wash them now, because I like clean clothes, just like all of us… we all like clean clothes.

Since it is in my name, this is my centre, but really it is your centre because previous Kalu Rinpoche made the centre for you. Actually it is neither your centre nor mine, we just have responsibility to protect it until we can hand it over to the next generation of students when they become mature in the Dharma.

For that purpose, I have decided on a new team for Kagyu Ling, is my main centre and seat in France:

Superior of the congregation: Lama Trinlé (Daniel Gerrer).

Lama Trinlé has been student of Kalu Rinpoche since 1974. He studied administration and then completed Three-year retreat in 1988. He is a fully ordained monk and has been lama of my centre in Brasilia, Brazil for the last five years where he helped establish and teach a Three-year retreat.

Director: Lama Lodrö (Thierry Truillet)

Lama Lodrö has been student of Kalu Rinpoché since 1979 and also completed Three-year retreat in 1988. He was lama of Kagyu Dzong, my center in Paris, for many years and for the last few years has been assisting with my center in Lille while completing his doctoral studies in cognitive psychology in Paris.

Treasurer: Lama Eric Gregis

Lama Eric has been a student of Kalu Rinpoche since 1984 and was resident in Kagyu Ling for many years and completed his Three-year retreat here 1992. He then completed a second Three-year retreat in ascetic conditions in the mountains of the Jura. He is appreciated for his meditative experience, and humility.

It is easy to like people. In general I like everybody. But it is difficult to find people you can really trust. These three lamas I really trust; I can give you my word that they are completely trustworthy. As well the residents and office staff that will work with us have been carefully chosen by my own hand.

I am also happy to say that I have met with the founders of my centres in Nice and also Sukha Choling in the south of France who assured me of the loyalty of their centres. They join my centres in Lille, Marseille and Montpellier. I would like to express my love and gratitude to students of all of these centers.

Soon we will post a slide show from these days in Kagyu Ling.

from my heart…


  1. alfred says:

    thank you. thank you thank you!

  2. Eliza says:

    Great news!!! The best!

  3. Rita Chen says:

    Dear Rinpoche la,
    Thanks for sharing the great news to us.

  4. Juan Ángel says:


  5. Martin says:

    ohhh, So glad to hear that!

  6. maria says:

    me alegro de las noticias!:D

  7. Dana says:

    Great news!…I am happy for you and for what you do!…May all your aspirations fulfill fast!

  8. Joy says:

    You take such good care of us Kalu-La, thank you with all my heart.

  9. jane wang says:

    I am glad to see your dharma activities are blooming allover the world .
    But that means you will be more and more busy. Please care yourself !
    Love and support you forever ~~

  10. margaret says:

    thanks for sharing the good news.
    my all of this auspiciousness light up the universe…

  11. Berna Wang says:

    Good news, Rinpoche. I’m so glad… Here you have the Spanish translation. With all my love and devotion.

    La luz vuelve a brillar

    Mis queridos amigos:

    Quiero compartir con vosotros las últimas noticias de la situación en Kagyu Ling. Dado que este es mi propio sitio web, todos los discípulos del anterior Kalu Rinpoché que están conectados conmigo son bienvenidos, igual que mis nuevos alumnos, y quiero compartir las buenas noticias con todos vosotros.

    Con la gran bendición y el apoyo del Vajradara Kenting, el XII Tai Situpa, y el apoyo de mis hermanos y hermanas en el Dharma, se han hecho cambios y ha empezado la reorganización del centro.

    Me he sentido como si estuviera lavando nuestra ropa vieja. El anterior Kalu Rinpoché trajo ropa para vosotros y yo soy quien tiene que lavarla ahora, porque me gusta la ropa limpia, igual que a todos… a todos nos gusta la ropa limpia.

    Puesto que está a mi nombre, este es mi centro, pero en realidad es vuestro centro, porque el anterior Kalu Rinpoché hizo el centro para vosotros. En realidad, no es ni vuestro centro ni el mío, simplemente tenemos la responsabilidad de protegerlo hasta que podamos entregarlo a la próxima generación de estudiantes cuando estén maduros en el Dharma.

    A tal fin, he decidido nombrar un nuevo equipo para Kagyu Ling, mi centro principal y mi sede en Francia:

    Superior de la congregación: Lama Trinle (Daniel Gerrer).
    Lama Trinle es discípulo de Kalu Rinpoché desde 1974. Ha estudiado Administración y luego hizo el retiro de tres años, que terminó en 1988. Es un monje ordenado con todos los votos y en los últimos cinco años ha sido lama en mi centro de Brasil, donde ha ayudado a establecer un retiro de tres años y a dar enseñanzas a los retirantes.

    Director: Lama Lodrö (Thierry Truillet)
    Lama Lodrö es discípulo de Kalu Rinpoché desde 1979 y también terminó el retiro de tres años en 1988. Durante muchos años ha sido lama de Kagyu Dzong, mi centro en París, y en los últimos años ha estado ayudando en mi centro de Lille, al mismo tiempo que terminaba su doctorado en Psicología cognitiva en París.

    Tesorero: Lama Eric Gregis
    El lama Eric es discípulo de Kalu Rinpoché desde 1984 y fue residente de Kagyu Ling muchos años. Aquí terminó su retiro de tres años en 1992. Posteriormente hizo un segundo retiro de tres años en condiciones ascéticas en las montañas del Jura. Es apreciado por su experiencia en meditación y su humildad.

    Es fácil que la gente te caiga bien. En general, a mí me cae bien todo el mundo. Pero es difícil encontrar personas en las que puedas confiar de verdad. Confío de verdad en estos tres lamas, puedo daros mi palabra de que son totalmente dignos de confianza. Además, he elegido cuidadosa y personalmente a los residentes y al personal de la oficina que trabajarán con nosotros.

    También me complace decir que me he reunido con los fundadores de mis centros de Niza y también de Sukha Chöling, en el sur de Francia, que me han garantizado la lealtad de sus centros, que se unen así a mis centros de Lille y Montpellier. Quiero expresar mi amor y gratitud a los estudiantes de todos estos centros.

    Pronto publicaré una serie de fotos de estos días en Kagyu Ling.

    De corazón…

  12. Yeshe Dorje says:

    We’re very happy about the news. Ven. Lama Trinle did a lot for us in Brazil. Sure we’re gonna miss him, but he sowed the seeds here, and now we’re gonna have our own lamas, with the help of the Ven. Lama Sönam. I’m sure this is a wise choice, and all sentient beings will benefit from that.

  13. Carina Tsai says:

    It’s so nice to get website back….
    Also, so nice to read this news from Rinpoche today!

    Sincerely wish Kagyu Ling will keep going smoothly & let more & more
    students back to Kagyu Ling to do Dharma practice, Retreat…etc.

    All wish…. keep Dharma in the right way and lead students on the Path
    to practice Dharma!

  14. What good news!!!!
    congratulations !!!!

  15. sim sim says:

    Thank you.

  16. margit says:

    Thank you, may their be peace now and the dharma flourish. May your activity be without obstacles and your life be long. My prayers and heart are with you.

  17. Philippe says:

    Looks like you had a busy and fruitful weekend retreat…Hope you can work out the last wrinkles (mostly legal I guess?),,,and the other side is treated fairly. Congratulations.

  18. Dechen says:

    Rinpoche la~~!!

    I’m so moved to hear the news… and very happy to see your changes…
    Thank you for the sharing it for us….
    We all belive in you and shangpa kakyu lineage…. beautiful transmission..
    I think the Dharma will bloom again in the center with your new team…

    Take good care and be happy la~~!!
    sending happiness and love ……♥


  19. tsultrim nyima dhellemme xavier says:

    really good new , we feel so happy
    Om Soti Nge deun nying po dak chang kagyu Dang/Rimé Ten paï gyel tsen Dro weï gueun/ Tchok gui Trulku Gong meï Nam tar Chin/Chab Pe Ten Tching Dze Trin Gye Gyour Tchik/

  20. Konchok says:

    You are indeed a quick problem solver- hurray, Kalu Rimrim!
    Fully rejoicing with you and all

  21. Diane Kessler says:

    Happy for a new chapter in Kagyu Ling history. Welcome to all new Executive
    Lamas, may you always remain true to your Root Lama.
    Love, Diane of Nice

  22. Ken Holmes says:

    This is wonderful news. Lama Trinlé (Daniel) is a heart-friend / dharma-friend from our early days in Samye Ling, in the 70s. I congratulate him and am glad that a positive way forward is shaping up. The very best of luck to you all!

    Ken Holmes,
    Director of Studies
    Kagyu Samye Ling, Scotland

  23. Mari Carmen Alba Serra says:

    Gracias por compartir tan buenas noticias Kalu !!!!!!! =)
    que goces de mucha salud y larga vida por el bien del dharma =) !!!!!!

  24. Praise and glory to our dear teacher and friend, H. E. Kalu rinpoche! We’re much relieved at the good news….Thanx for those who have been caring about, paying much attentiion to, and making contributions to this event.

  25. Migyur Dorje says:

    Wonderful news! May everyone at the centers place the Three Jewels first, continue the work of the Kalu Rinpoches and may everyone be at peace with each other. Om svasti!

  26. Megan Hall says:

    Congratulations! Sounds exciting!

  27. Yuan says:

    Congratulations!! Many thanks for having us informed with these shiny lines. It’s the best gift in the easter season!!

  28. sophie chin says:

    It is good news from my dear Kulu Rinporche.

  29. Pema Lhamo says:

    I am very happy for you and all of us. Thank you for your courage and light. We all need to open our hearts in support of the new staff of Kagyu Ling. :)

  30. Antoine says:

    My heart is glad that the road is clean and pure, This way, Dharma will benefit all beings.

  31. Anna says:

    That’s awesome! Now…how about a big Los Angeles center?

  32. kayie says:

    Thank you for giving me the chance to participate in this learning.
    love & respect


    The Light Shines Again…and my heart plendy of happiness gives honors to my Master! Excellent evolution! Best whishes to the new team of very significant people. Stamatina from Greece.

  34. Birgit Salzmann says:

    This is so great. Thank you for this good news!

  35. Karma Kelzang Wangmo says:

    How wonderful !!!!!!

    Congratulations and Tashi Delek la <3
    From Sweden and from my heart <3

  36. Nancy Wongmo says:

    E MA HO! You have brought Aloha back to where it is needed. Western Lama’s understand both sides of the situation, May All Beings Have Happiness and the Causes of Happiness!

  37. So happy to hear the breakthrough news Rinpoche!

    Thank you for your blessings and kind work.

  38. Wonderful news, congratulations, thank you

  39. Karmakshanti says:

    Congratulations and kudos for dealing firmly and fairly with a thorny situation. Hope to hear you teach someday. YITD

  40. Nadine Borel Tashi Wangmo says:

    Congratulations, and relief !! Kagyu Ling is a most precious dharma place !
    And Daniel is a dharma friend from Kagyu Dzong in 1981-82 (where we lived together with Drubgyu, Lama Gyurme, Françoise). A great person !

  41. kawaii Liew/ Tsultrim Tsering Yitrog says:

    Wow !

  42. Anders Bjonback says:

    Dharma politics is really depressing, but I guess it is part of being born in a degenerate time. I am glad that this situation was resolved.

  43. Jessie Li says:

    Congratulations and Happy for you!! \\^0^//

  44. marie says:

    May the fruit come from the flower in Kagyu Ling !

  45. dechen says:

    ouf… great really good news. hopefully things will go on like this.

  46. Mary Jane says:

    Wonderful news!! I’ve been waiting 25 years for something like this! Miracles do happen. May virtue increase!

  47. angela sister says:

    rinpoche la,

    Happy ! Happy ! good news. beautiful life. right. nice and beautiful life.

    pure dharma is needed in this world. I like pure life. Just like you so pure.

    Like a pure child.

  48. Erika -Kunchog says:

    Oufff you are really doing a great job,Rinpoche.
    This is wonderful news …Eric is a dharma brother ..we did three years at the same time …I am so happy for him and am sure he will do a great job…am glad he could do a second three year retreat …. and Kagyu Ling is such a beautiful place…did volunteer work there in preparation for retreat from 1985 to 1988…then the solitary retreat in a camping caravan…but I was bad….now looking forwards to come back to Kagyu Ling sometime and brush up my practice…yeaaaah,Rinpoche ,you really rock my heart……

  49. Yuki Wallgates says:

    Goooooooood! Trinlé is my master in Brasilia along with Lama Sonam! Congratulatiooons!

  50. Scott ( K.Tsering Dundrop) Lawrance says:

    Three cheers for clean clothes!!! Way to go, Rinpoche!

  51. JJ says:

    ” 佛法政治學 ” ~~ 在現在的世界是很重要的一門課. 不得不低頭, 不得不接受. 沒有對與錯,只有” 要不要 “.

  52. Maria says:

    It’s great to the the light shines again Rinpoche-la~~~

  53. Erika-Kunchog says:

    Read the good news first and only just now all the bad news before…because my computer is finished….am still shocked at how bad it was… yet you did overcome the obstacle in such a short time… am so happy for Kagyu Ling …hope to be able to help if there is need in the future …like rebuilding or cleaning the retreat centers and all…previously at Kagyu Ling I was not bad but did not do a very good retreat as there was plenty of obstacles….that’s all… and also had to leave afterwards due to power structures…..really appreciate that you wrote about all this so openly …and that it is resolved now…my heart is with you and my daily practice…

  54. Alky says:

    Very happy!!! This is what I hope and believe.
    So happy to see you happy!

  55. T. Chozom P. says:

    Dearest Rinpoche la,
    Soo glad to read this good news! Congrats to all new leaders and most of to you! I knew you would use your wisdom to deal with this cleaning process and i would be successful! I feel you open-hearted-ness and love for all beings. I wish all your centres may flourish and bring tremendous benefit to the world.

    We love you la!
    May always shine sun on your path,
    and moon to help you rest,
    May all the stars keep follow you
    and inspire you with joy,
    with profound Dharma teachings,
    to take care of us,
    we have only one gift for you,
    to love you from our heart.

    We love you la! <3<3<3

  56. so, so ,happy you are starting again in Kagyu ling, I was feeling so sad for you..but nobody wants to change habits so easily…Hope to see you soon with dominique in Mallorca? or in kagyu ling In june.
    All my support and Love.
    Karma sonam wangmo

  57. karma thinley says:

    i wan to know who makes problems in KAGYULING ?Which lama ? which kind of problems? because i am also buddhist and worry worry about buddhist dharma problums ,

    Thanks you

  58. Detchen Kandro says:

    Friends of The Dharma,
    We´re missing Ven.Lama Trinlê in Brazil, but It´s for the Kagyu Ling and everybody´s happiness !! In Brazil we have support from the Ven.Lama Sönam and the Brazilian sangha. We´re looking forward to the visit of the Ven.Lama Trinlê In june.
    Student of the Kagyü Pende Gyamtso in Brasília, Brazil.
    Detchen Kandro.

  59. JUlie Campbell says:

    Dear Rinpoche,
    I am so happy that things are progressing well in France again and I hope I will be able to meet you soon. Your predecessor was so special to me and even though I haven’t met you yet I feel a great connection. May your activity continue to flourish.
    Julie Karma Chungchup Zangmo

  60. Athena says:


  61. john peder staubo says:

    Dear Kalu Rinpoche, The old Kalu Rinpoche expresed, on the vadrayana path lama is indispensable there is no substitute for lama. Thank you for returning. I pray that you will have a long life and that your teachings will have no obstacles. I pray for the enlightenment of all sentient beeings

  62. Angelina says:

    Dear Rinpoche,

    I read your previous thoughts on the situation in France and have only just read this particular entry. I’m very happy about Situ Rinpoche’s help in the matter and that the situation in Kagyu ling has improved. Much happiness to everyone. I feel very grateful that you are teaching and traveling and for all your insights.

    Much warmth and love. We look forward to your visit to the U.S.

  63. Vajrasattva Samaya…

  64. Johnny Ho says:

    Dharma is like the a Sun in the sky,always shine bright ,rain or shine you will see the SUN.

  65. 文吉 says:


  66. richard says:

    I have tears of happiness and relief in my eyes….bless you.


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