Broken hearted in France

Broken Hearted

I am at Kagyu Ling, my oldest center in France.

Kagyu Ling was home of the first Three-year retreat center in the west. This was my predecessor’s gift to the west in 1976. Where are all the trained and qualified lamas? Where are all the old students? On the other hand I see a lot of tourists. If you look at the retreat centers today, they are empty, abandoned and pitiful. This is shameful. This breaks my heart.

As a matter of fact, many people have come to me and informed me about the misbehavior of some of the lamas over many years; moreover there is a deep unhappiness and disharmony among the residents. In the interest of protecting the center and the Dharma I requested the lamas there to step down. Shamelessly, in response, those lamas have decided with a lawyer to deny my authority as spiritual head of the lineage and this center.

I myself am not perfect, but nevertheless I profoundly respect the Dharma.

Many times lamas talk about devotion. Devotion, devotion, devotion,  but when I need to make a change that counters their plans, there is no agreement, no devotion. I am tired of Dharma politics. I am tired of Dharma business.

Since all those years, sincere practitioners have come, many have left, many have been disillusioned, many are sad, it is time to reconnect and put things back on track.

I want to change the system for a system that doesn’t involve abuse of power or abuse of money and is respectful of people and students. I want to keep Dharma safe. I want to keep Dharma pure. I want to keep Kagyu Ling safe.

I need prayers and support from all of you to put it right. Please join us in prayer and action during this difficult time. Sorry to bother you with bad news.  I know that you have professional and family obligations, but at this time I really need you.

We are all waiting for a change. The time is now, and I cannot do this without you. This is my responsibility, but nevertheless I would be very happy to have you close to me during this difficult time. If you are able, please join me at Kagyu Ling for the weekend of 23-25 April, 2011.

From my heart. My love to you all.


  1. frederic says:

    We’ll be there, by your side.
    If we can help in any way, we’ll help.
    If not, we’ll just support you with our presence.

    • Yeshe Wangmo says:

      Dear Rinpoche,
      Wish I could be there in person to offer support. Thank you for your refreshing honesty and everything you are doing to keep the dharma pure. I sincerely pray that the problems at Kagyu Ling are resolved swiftly just as you wish.

    • Diane Kessler says:

      Camille Vitrac, President of Kagyu Seunam Ling, a Kalu Rimpoche Dharma Center in Nice since 1977, will be in Kagyu Ling to fully support you. Her daughter Diane, will not be able to attend but wants to assure you of her total support as well. With much Love

    • K8 says:

      The dharma is good in the beginning, good in the middle and good in and til the end.
      Always has been and always will be and nothing can change that, not even the pettiness and the doubt that sadly pervades these dark times. Do not lose heart.

    • dora says:

      Dear Rinpoche,
      it is said that the in the different times and places the Buddha comes in the shape that is needed. I have no doubts in you and wish you with all my heart to succeed in your efforts! cordially and respectfully <3

  2. alfred says:

    dear Rinpoche-la,
    our love is with You all time, I wish I could make it to be there. i will be there in and with my whole heart. we love you!

  3. Joy says:

    I am happy you are trying to fix the problem. Future students will benefit from the purity and courage of your actions. So many times people confuse being Buddhist with being a door matt which is happily walked on and used to scrape mud off of shoes. Swift and Heroic wishes your way dear Kalu.

  4. Maciek says:

    Rinpoche la, changes are hard but it is all for better result.
    I love you wrote publicly about it and congratulate you, nowadays Dharma organisations needs clarity – like HH Dalai Lama always says – everything needs to be public, visible and under control.
    I’m sorry I can’t join you in France, but I will pray for peaceful resolution.

  5. maggie hung says:

    My dear rinpoche~I believe “you can”~you not along~we are here”support you”we prays for you~just do it

  6. Berna Wang says:

    The Spanish translation. My heart is broken too. My prayers are with you, Rinpoche.

    Con el corazón roto en Francia

    Estoy en Kagyu Ling, mi centro más antiguo en Francia.

    Kagyu Ling albergó el primer centro de retiros de tres años de Occidente. Fue un regalo que hizo mi predecesor a Occidente en 1976. ¿Dónde están todos los lamas adiestrados y cualificados? ¿Dónde están todos los estudiantes antiguos? Sólo veo turistas. Si miráis los centros de retiro hoy, están vacíos y abandonados; dan pena. Es una vergüenza. Me rompe el corazón.

    Lo cierto es que muchas personas han acudido a mí y me han informado de la mala conducta de algunos de los lamas a lo largo de muchos años; además, entre los residentes hay una tristeza profunda y discordias. Para proteger el centro y el Dharma pedí a los lamas del centro que dimitieran. Como respuesta, con todo descaro, esos lamas han decidido, con un abogado, rechazar mi autoridad como jefe espiritual del linaje y de este centro.

    Yo no soy perfecto, pero respeto profundamente el Dharma.

    Los lamas hablan muchas veces de devoción. Devoción, devoción, devoción, pero cuando necesito hacer un cambio que va en contra de sus planes, no hay acuerdo, no hay devoción. Estoy cansado de la política del Dharma. Estoy cansado del negocio del Dharma.

    Todos estos años han venido practicantes sinceros, muchos se han marchado, muchos se han sentido desilusionados, muchos están tristes: ha llegado el momento de volver a conectar y ponerse al día.

    Quiero cambiar el sistema por un sistema que no implique abusos de poder ni abuso del dinero y que sea respetuoso con las personas y los estudiantes. Quiero mantener el Dharma a salvo. Quiero mantener el Dharma puro. Quiero mantener Kagyu Ling a salvo.

    Necesito las plegarias y el apoyo de todos vosotros para arreglar esto. Por favor, uníos a nosotros con vuestras plegarias y acciones en estos momentos difíciles. Lamento molestaros con malas noticias. Sé que tenéis obligaciones profesionales y familiares, pero en este momento os necesito de verdad.

    Todos estamos deseando un cambio. Este es el momento, y no puedo hacer esto sin vosotros. Es responsabilidad mía, pero me alegraría teneros cerca en estos momentos difíciles. Si estáis en Francia o no muy lejos y podéis, venid a Kagyu Ling a reuniros conmigo el fin de semana del 23 al 25 de abril de 2011.

    De corazón, mi amor para todos vosotros.

  7. Fuchien says:

    i feel blue abt this
    but we need much stronger courage to overcome this difficult situation and do the right thing
    for sure , never stop supporting and praying for u
    my heart will always be with you

  8. Marta says:

    Sorry to hear your news. You sound heart broken but don’t give up. You are young and brave, fresh air for us practitioners. We trust you and love you. The old establishment always want to keep their privileges, their money and their power under control. Denying your authority as the spiritual head of this lineage isa a very stupid thing to do, specially when your name appears as so in their website.
    I wished I could go there to support you but unfortunately I can’t. I’ll pray for you and I am sure you will find the right solution for the benefit of all sentient beings.

  9. Mary Carmen Guinnot says:

    I feel sorry about all this, very sorry. It is a complicated situation. I hope everything will end in an auspicios way. Kalu Rinpoche must be recongnizied as a big authority in Dharma. He is young and he is a good brave, excellent master, I can feel it, very intelligent, as well. Maybe old Lamas who have been without his authority during Kalu Rinpoche´s chilhood are not used to his new reincarnation. But everything is going to be all rite
    I´m with you my beloved incredible master, la

  10. Eileen Pau says:

    Rimpocheeee la,

    Make change is not easy, but it’s really time to change. Even though I am not in France, but my heart would be with you and support you . For all the people and mother being we love, we got to make it !!!
    From my heart, my love to you too !!!

  11. irene says:

    no podre estar en francia ,pero le tendre presente en todas mis oraciones,toda mi energia contigo,

  12. starry starrynyt says:

    My dearest Rim la, I really wish I could be there to support you when you need it most. But though I may not be there physically, I’ll always be there in spirit. I believe in the power of prayers & I’m really sure that you’ll be able to go through it all unscathed.

    Can u suggest what prayer I should pray for you, or which deity? Thanks & please take care of yourself.

  13. damtcheu says:

    Good luck la. We are with you. you have thousands and thousands of friends.

  14. Karma Samten says:

    Chod dag me la. Nyingru gang re chen war ta yin. “The Dharma has no owner. It belongs to those who have the most perseverance.”

  15. sherab lhamo says:

    Dear Rinpoche, I am in México, a little far away to be able to join you on the 23rd. but I will do barched lamsel dedicated to your cause. I hope all goes well, and Dharma once again flourishes as it should be, free of politics and business oriented purposes. May we soon see Kagyu Ling filled with honest dharma practitioners, striving to excel, for the benefit of all. Tons of love from the other side of the world. sl

  16. margaret says:

    Dear rinpoche thank you so much for being who you are and do what you´re doing. May your activity be unhindered and my true dharma without business, politics or even self interest blossom in all of our hearts.
    we´re all with you

  17. Robert says:

    Dear Rinpoche, I’m sorry to learn about the desolate state of affairs. I was not directly a part of the Sangha of Kagyu Ling, but I met the late Kalu Rinpoche two times in my life and I feel very connected. Certainly everybody of us has a part of responsibility for what has happened and also for the change that is necessary. I hope I can contribute to that change where I am.

    I’d love to come to that weekend, but unfortunately I’m not able to do so. I wish from my heart that things go better and better …

    best wishes in the Dharma

  18. guido says:

    dear rinpoche, all my respect.
    I am amazed of the authenticity of your lineage. Thanks to persons like you, the gift of the Buddha will get de-mystified in the west. There is so much of this wishing and hoping and buying and selling going on from the start of the dharma in the west. Of course people are not to blame, they are just blind, and they bought so much, so they must have something in return. this is the way of the world, but of course not the way of the genuine dharma. we are all standing naked, no matter how much we think we ought to have. thank you so much for your effort. I pray for you, may you throw the 8 worldly dharmas into space! You are an open door to where bliss comes from. thank you! thank you! thank you! thank you!

  19. Dechen says:

    Rinpoche la~~!!!

    I’m soooooo sorry that I can’t be with you this weekend at Kagyu Ling…but I’ll be praying for you…and my heart runs to you and be with you from now on…
    To change something is sooooooo difficult…. but you can….
    We believe in you… Take care la~~!!
    sending strong support and love ♥

  20. My love there for you, Dear Tulku Kalu Rinpoche-la. i would love to do the retreat but never could because of money, i live in Argentina, Don`t give up., We all stand there for you.

  21. Meritxell says:

    Dear Rimpoché,

    Thank you for sharing your sadnes with us. Thank you for your clarity and transparency. Thank you for your courage. Thank you for being so true to yourself, to your vision and to the real Dharma. Thank you for being you. You are such a great inspiration. May true Dharma come back to Kagyu Ling. And may you never cease to be so fearless and fresh to benefit beings.

  22. Kayie says:

    Fame、Money、Power – honey on a razor blade.
    Who can resist them?
    How to resist them??
    Do I have to resist them???
    Many asked.
    People with Fame、Money、Power suffered;
    People without Fame、Money、Power suffered, too.
    Then, what would be the point?
    Or was it ‘me’, perhaps.
    A delusive ‘me’ and a persistent ‘me’,
    heading pointlessly,
    waiting to be awaken…
    Awaken from suffering.

  23. DakiniHeart says:


  24. Esteve says:

    Dear Rinpoche,
    I send you greetings from Mallorca to let you know that has my full support and that this change you have started long ago it was necessary for the true Dharma is not spoiled.
    From now on you’ll have this in my prayers so that yours desires for the benefit of all beings be fulfilled.
    Yours in the Dharma,
    sarwa mangalam!

  25. Rinpoche-la
    Supporting you and holding you in my heart. Protecting the precious Dharma is indeed our first priority and full of many challenges. Hopefully these challenges will turn into teachings of Wisdom and Compassion. In the west, there are also legal structures that can be put in place to protect each of your centers and define a hierarchy of authority so that your vision can find fruition.
    Love to you. Looking forward to seeing you in Los Angeles.

  26. Anna says:

    Are you serious? The lamas are suing? Talk about not getting the point. I am in Los Angeles, and am anxiously awaiting your arrival in the fall. I lived at KDK, your center in S.F. About 15 years ago, and I remember when you came to visit us there as a little boy. I’m sorry you have met with some disappointment, but being a great teacher is hard, because people can be very difficult . I’m sure that even if you can’t solve all the problems at Karma Ling, that you will gain some insight and get some good ideas as to how to organize your students for the good of all. Just don’t get discouraged. There are several western students I know of who are great examples of the dharma, and you will be able to rely on them ( us?) to help you create a more beneficial refuge at your centers.

  27. chodron says:

    committments in Scotland mean we can’t be in France; this distance is of little importance; you illuminate our lives la and we support your inspiration. Our prayers are with you

  28. Berna Wang says:

    The Spanish translation. My heart is broken too. My prayers are with you, Rinpoche.

    Con el corazón roto en Francia

    He estado en Kagyu Ling, mi centro más antiguo en Francia.

    Kagyu Ling albergó el primer centro de retiros de tres años de Occidente. Fue un regalo que hizo mi predecesor a Occidente en 1976. ¿Dónde están todos los lamas adiestrados y cualificados? ¿Dónde están todos los estudiantes antiguos? Por otra parte, veo un montón de turistas. Si miráis los centros de retiro hoy, están vacíos y abandonados; dan pena. Es una vergüenza. Me rompe el corazón.

    Todos estos años han venido practicantes sinceros, muchos se han marchado, muchos se han sentido desilusionados, muchos están tristes: ha llegado el momento de volver a conectar y ponerse al día.

    Yo no soy perfecto, pero respeto profundamente el Dharma.

    Estoy cansado de la política del Dharma. Estoy cansado del negocio del Dharma. Quiero cambiar el sistema por un sistema que no implique abusos de poder ni abuso del dinero y que sea respetuoso con las personas y los estudiantes. Quiero mantener el Dharma a salvo. Quiero mantener el Dharma puro. Quiero mantener Kagyu Ling a salvo.

    Necesito las plegarias y el apoyo de todos vosotros para arreglar esto. Por favor, uníos a nosotros con vuestras plegarias y acciones en estos momentos difíciles. Lamento molestaros con malas noticias, pero en este momento os necesito de verdad.

    Todos estamos deseando un cambio. Este es el momento, y no puedo hacer esto sin vosotros. Es responsabilidad mía, pero me alegraría teneros cerca en estos momentos difíciles. Volveré a Kagyu Ling a dar enseñanzas el fin de semana del 23 al 25 de abril de 2011.

    De corazón, mi amor para todos vosotros.

  29. onchok C says:

    Dharma politics and center politics are tiring – I am fully hearted with you in my prayers, Kalu Rimrim!! Hang in there and keep going , please -we need exactly teachers like you!!!

  30. Mandy says:

    We are all here keeping praying for you…

  31. mila says:

    no puedo estar en francia, pero le llevo en mi plegarias, pensamiento y corazon.


  32. pham thi my phuong says:


  33. maite/maria says:

    Kalu Rinpoche La,

    You have an army of us behind you. We will be there with you, in mind, body and spirit. If I have to turn into a Mahakala or a Very Angry Dakini, for you, I will (just joking). You have the power to change these degenerate times (they have already been foretold) and we are with you. You know who you are. We know you are. What’s the problem???? A few samsaric lamas with big attachment problems and pompous lawyers full of ego??? Dharma does away with all of that because Dharma is Truth.
    However much it hurts, however sad it makes you, you have to do what you do, you have to clear away the bad roots to let new, stronger plants to grow once more. We are with you Rinpoche, don’t feel bad. Just have compassion, but keep the Dharma which is foremost to you in all monasteries, beginning here at Kagyu Ling which was the first your grandfather founded in the West. Long and Happy Life to You, Rinpoche La. Everything will be alright. No worries. This is only the beginning and we are here with you already.

  34. kayie says:

    Prayer for Kalu Rim.Rim.
    My friend is broken hearted, yet couragouse
    I feel for him deeply
    I’m sorry that he has to deal with such conflicting situations
    he must be vary struggling while making all his decisions
    He’s been working so hard to keep Dharma connections clear and pure
    Please…Dear Sukkhasiddhi, Buddha, Buddhisativas, Sanga, Guru, Deities and Portectors
    I’m on my knees praying
    Please Please Please…
    Please hear my prayer with your kindness and wisdom
    Please support and help my friend Kalu
    Have him succeeds in discarding the Politics & Business of Dharma
    For him restoring the “Pure Dharma System”
    I’ll keep praying!
    For a loving, kind and couragouse friend
    A friend I’m proud of
    A friend I’m honored to have
    A friend I Love & Respect & Support!
    Thank you Kalu for standing tall to make the point clear and pure
    om ma ni pade me hum ……….

  35. margit says:

    Dear Rinpoche, thanks for beings so brave. You have all my support and prayers.

  36. Lama Gyawo says:


    Thank you for being so honest and sincere. I’m sorry to hear Kagyu Ling has fallen on hard times. But please know some of us old-timers are still out there practicing the Dharma with all our hearts. So please don’t give up on us, nor the younger students who are just entering the Dharma. The fact that you clearly see the need for reform is itself a clear indication that true Dharma is not yet finished at (as Kyabje Chatral Rinpoche puts it) “this sorry end of time.” Those of us who have kept the faith are with you 100%. Thug dam gom phel.

  37. nadege trebuchet says:

    We are not all desappeared, i m one of your old students and i m here and I try to do my best to spread Dharma like you taught me in your previous life I m not perfect ,but I have been expected this your words since 20 years.
    Since you come back I m very happy because now I dont feel alone anymore you said what I think and what I said since a long time but you are Kalou rinpoche so your words are very precious and every body listen to them.
    please dont be sad, your comming back is so precious for me and I m sure for thousand ans thousand of other brother and sister in the Dharma .
    For the moment we are in Darjeeling until end of may for helping tibetan school of pokhraibong and some old people of Darjeeling i hope see you in Sonada before we leave

  38. Karma sherab says:

    Dear Rinpoché,

    All those who abuse their power and their authority eventually undergo the suffering they have engendered in others. The exploiter always becomes the exploited and so the wheel of samsara continues to turn, trying in vain to hide and run over the unalterable Truth.
    Rinpoche, thank you for your compassion and your sincerity, thank you to dare voice the thoughts which many others keep to themselves.
    Of course, as you know, whatever happens, nothing really happens and eventually all this pseudo spiritual nightmare will dissolve in the ultimate awakened Truth that you are and which alone is Real.
    With love from all my heart.

  39. jane says:

    Dear Rinpoche,

    I can resonate with your broken heart. I tend to avoid going to dharma centers now because they are in such a desolate state. By that I don’t mean they are money poor, I mean they are dharma poor. I am sick of seeing people pandering up to dharma teachers to show off to others that they are ‘important’ in the lama’s eyes, ‘polishing’ their shoes with flattery and being conceited when they are praised. I am sick of people who experience a little spiritual ‘gain’, then endlessly talk about it, compare themselves with others to prove that they are better, and deride others who might not be showing similar signs of spiritual ‘growth’. I am sick of others who tell everyone they are Avalokiteshara etc, and then demand others pay them due respect. I am still more sick of dharma teachers who thrive on comparison and endlessly compare themselves with other teachers on who is better, or where other teacher’s faults lie. I am sick of those who seldom listen to their subordinates or juniors, nor have the patience to, on the basis that they think they are better or more spiritually advanced than others.

    Can I just say? I have experienced all of this and I have only ever been to 2 dharma centers/temples.

    I am not a perfect being, but like RInpoche I respect the Dharma deeply. The Dharma should never be used as jet fuel for ego trips. I don’t care how ‘high’ a person’s spiritual accomplishments are if they can’t even be humble in the first place, and accept that they too are capable of making mistakes. When the Dharma says to be free of limitations and binding yourself, it did not give a licence to be reckless or careless, to do whatever you want or whatever suits your ego. It was a licence to be carefree, free from destructive emotions and the commands of your ego!

    However, I am consoled by a pearl of wisdom a master said a long time ago – the true dharma center is your everyday life.

    PS – Rinpoche, in my previous email to you (your hotmail account?) I wanted to ask for advice because I was experiencing similar problems and I didn’t know how to deal with it. I am saddened and somewhat crushed by it. Funny you ended up doing post on what I was going through. Perfect timing, and thank you!

    • Karma Tsering Lhamo says:

      Dear Jane,

      I find your comments encouraging in a way because I too am finding it difficult to deal with some of the goings-on at a Dharma Centre. Is it the curse of us Westerners to be so materialistic and full of ego? How can it be that long-time Dharma practitioners who live in the monastery can be in such discord? Doesn’t it contravene the ten virtuous actions? It troubles me to to no end because I try to tell myself it is my own projection and that it cannot possibly be so. In the end, Rinpoche-La has solved the problem and I am encouraged by that. May we all be true to ourselves and practice kindness and patience at the very least! May we further come to understand the nature of our mind and become enlightened for the sake of all sentient beings – our previous mothers. EH MA HOH!

  40. Diana says:

    Kalu Rim Rim la, I am with you. We are all with you! Please let us know what can we do. What prayers should we do. If all of the hearts of the Dharma brothers and sisters of Shangpa Kagyu are together and we all pray and act together, there will be no more Dharma politics and the great Kagyu Ling Center will be re-established. You are not alone! Our hearts are always connected.

  41. Fernando says:

    Dear Rimpoche la.
    I am 884km away from you… but I will be with you all the time.

  42. Dawa Dorlma says:

    I’m sorry to hear this news. I would also like to join the ranks of prayer.Hope Kagyu Ling will restore the original state quickly.

  43. Jessie says:

    Dear Rinpoche,
    thank you for sharing with us. we are all with you, and will pray and light a candle for you. bon courage la!

  44. hermione says:

    Dear Guru
    I’m always on your side and follow you… always…

  45. Carina (Su-Chu) Tsai says:

    Dear Rinpoche,

    Always support to you, pray for you & your oldest center “Kagyu Ling”!

    It’s not easy & very very difficult to change & move-on to fix a such old
    center, specially it’s with so many fame, money, power…etc matters
    problems for so many years.

    But, just do what you think & you want to do…. support & pray for you
    from Taiwan, from sincerely heart!!

  46. Amy says:

    Dear Rinpoche,
    I am so heartened at your response to politics, its not easy standing up to such obsticals but nothing worth while doing is easy. I cannot be there but I will pray hard for you Brave one.

  47. Ugyen tshomo says:

    Hiye rinpoche..i wish i were there at this difficult time to support you..i hope you can bring back the dharma in pure..we have hope in you rinpoche and our support are always with you and we pray for you ( from bhutanese students)…

  48. Pema Lhamo says:

    My heart goes out to you. I am saddened by your broken heart and thankful that you are here.

  49. Karma Yonten Lhamo says:

    Amen, Amen, Amen. May ALL the wishes of RINPOCHE-LA come true ! May ALL sentient beings have only happiness ! May the TRUE & PURE DHARMA prevail everywhere ! May all wrongs, politics and sufferings transform into LOVE, TRUTH & WISDOM !

  50. Scott ( K.Tsering Dundrop) Lawrance says:

    Thank you for your directness and honesty. As one of the “old students” and sad ones, I have been tremendously moved by what I have seen and heard of your activity recently. May the harsh wind of our mutual pain blow away the cobwebs of delusion and complacency! Please come back to KKC and KDOL soon!

  51. Dawa Zangmo says:

    Dear Rinpoche
    Speaking truth to power, courageous Lama, we are with you… & while I can’t be in France… I will come to Salt Spring. In meantime I dedicated my practice to your courageous efforts on behalf of the Shangpa Dharma and your many faithful students,
    With love & respect
    dawa zangmo, an old student, retreat graduate


    From the depth of the all Bouddhas and Bodhisattvas’ heart the Invincible Power of the Truth will be joined with yours Rinpoche La and restored all damages of the pure Darma in the world, for us and generations of the future. I give you all my heart, allmy energy, all my support (whatever it is) all my profound love and respect for the attainment of this noble intention! Stamatina from Greece.

  53. Nico Chen says:

    Dear Rinpoche,
    I’m with you all the time.
    Prey for your wish and action.
    Pray for all the illision-like difficulties can be ceased through wisdom
    and our faith to Dharma.

  54. maria g ruvira says:

    I feel very dissappointed for what happen not only in frnce in tibet also
    I am a budhist practitioner for many years ago and i met you in argentina when you were a young child i am so happy for all the things that you are doing arround the world thank you and long life to you
    Tashi delegs

  55. maria says:

    Dear rimpoche la i will pray for you and for your center
    Thank you for all what you are doing for the dharma in france and all the world
    Long life to you

  56. Philippe says:

    I don’t know much about any of those places except from what I see on the Web now and they look like amazing Centers for the preservations of Tibetan Culture, Language etc…

    When years ago I met Kalu , the old man, along with another 2 of my friends who were also students of my main teacher, Kalu Rinpoche was staying at very plush residence that had been purchased for his visit to Vancouver by some nice Honk Kong lady. We waited outside on the lawn, as we came early and Kalu was still napping. A couple of us had very long hair and I wore a turban to hold mine together. A Mercedes drove in and a young Tibetan monk came out of the back of it, and being a bit startled to see us on the lawn called out to us us and we explained our reasons to be there, he then entered the house. The nice Chinese Lady came to offer us tea inside the house and, when Kalu woke up, we went up in his bedroom. He sat up on his bed while the “Mercedes monk” came in and introduced himself as the Kalu’s nephew and the translator for our visit. Sadly, the next 20 mins or so were spent arguing with the translator who kept insisting that “him too was a Lama” and ” even had a Center in Belgium” and therefore we should listen to his explanations of things. I just kept saying, please just translate what we are saying to Kalu RImpoche and what he says back to us, simple and easy. All the while, I could clearly see that Kalu Rimpoche, while sitting on his bed and us around him on the floor, didn’t miss a beat, and a strong connection was being established between us as I was literally “showered by his presence from the top down “, though I was still involved in arguing back and forth with the “Mercedes Lama”.
    Kalu finally leaned over to his nephew, whispering something in his ear, I notice the young monk’s jaw and face dropping, he then quickly started to translate without much further ado.
    It is a time in my life I will never forget of course.
    Kalu could achieve that and much more just by his mere presence.
    No need for fancy temple, titles or clothing.

    Touch and let go, Let go and touch.

    After all these years, the sad thing is that in my own birth country of France, I would still need a translator to tell me what’s written on the walls of these places and what French people there are saying in their rituals. I have nothing against Tibetan at all, I just don’t know it.

    If you play golf, then try to resolve it over a party of golf in true presidential style, or skip the game and wander on, . I myself never learnt golf either.

    I heard Buddha was a wanderer and kept going to beg every day himself for his meal, even though he had the wealthiest patrons in India. That guy sure had guts.

    Maybe I should learn something one day……

  57. Ohkyoung Kim says:

    Dear Rinpoche,
    I will pray for you,too. I think Bodhisattvas must be with you !!!

  58. aurum says:

    unity is strenghth.go ahead ! ours dharma family members.

  59. angela sister says:


    Don’t cry.

  60. evelyn says:

    Dear my friend, don’t be so sad, we will be your side. GO!GO!GO!

  61. Martin Espi says:

    Dear Teacher:
    Thanks to you, I met the Dharma, then lit a flame in my heart that made ​​me further down the road.
    Offered the best of my youth, working in Dag Shang Kagyu, at that time, we were very few Buddhists and we had no support of any kind, it was just our devotion at its most simple, but crystal clear.
    These things you have seen in Kagyu Ling and many more, dear Master shall receive, are common to many dharma centers, as there are many anchored in a position of power and manipulation of their peers who do not mind in the slightest, rather than continue in their posts, refugees in a world created by his own ego.
    Disguised as spirituality, torment their “brothers” to live comfortably, and unfortunately many are fed up and leave as is logical, because they see more humanity in this world one day left, to Dharma centers.
    You have the authority and means to make this necessary reform, if you really want to convey the most noble teaching with that aura of compassion, cut the bad herbs that have sprung up.
    You have my love and my support, if something needs indiquemelo by the most relevant.
    Always yours.

  62. Ken Holmes says:

    As someone who witnessed the very beginning of Kagyu Ling and (at one point) was lined up to do the very first retreat, I’m deeply moved by your message. It’s a long way but I’ll try to get along for a day to support you.

    Ken Holmes, Director of Studies, Kagyu Samye Ling, Scotland.

  63. sylvia chen says:

    Hi Rinpoche,
    don’t be sad. sometimes problems happened are good thing. it means sooner or later it can be solved. i know it must be a hard time and so many heavy duty. please go through it, you’ll see the sunshine in front of you.
    whereever you go,whatever you do, we’ll always your strong backup…pray for you..!

  64. Ani says:

    Dear Rinpoche,

    Many of us the nuns and monks, and my dear friends who we all did three year with the late Kalu Rinpoche we are all very poor now and no one cares for anyone who became a lama or a monk or nun in the West. Not the young people. They only care about fancy empowerments and such.

    People do not support ordained sangha in the West. If you could help support us and get money to take care of us and 3 year retreatants and ordained we would all still all be around, teaching and helping, But people in the West don’t care, and when we are older, we have no where to go. So we live in government housing in our countries and we are forgotten and eat little and are very depressed have no health insurance and are sick are all very sad and no one wants us.

    We are all scattered to the wind.

    That’s the reality. If you are sad and wonder where we all went? Ask. Look for us. Ask us to get in touch with you. Ask where we have gone and why. You will discover the reason is — none of the young people care about us. They do not respect us. There is no where older lamas, monks and nuns can live and be useful.

    If you could change that, and get respect for those of us who hold the dharma in the West, it would all change.

    With deep sadness, because we all thought we would carry the lineage, but now, we are all old and no one cares for us or what we know. We are lost. The things we learned are lost. There is no where for us in the dharma.

    • Lama Tsewang says:

      to the ani who wrote a comment please contact me Lama Tsewang , i am in the process of establishing a gonpa here in B.C. and also maybe setting one upin ontario,i mean that ,i could help look after you, ipromise. For a three year retreat graduate, I’ll do anything I can .One like yourself could be very, very helpful nand useful, certainly not someone
      to be discarded.
      I just want to say very briefly, that this problem is one of I think , many, I think that partly many centers seem to be places fhat worship Tibetan culture. And are places that are exotic and very interesting ,for this sort of person.
      I think that some Tibetan Lams here,are not reallly interested ,in transplanting Buddhism here , but maybe more interested , in transplanting Tibetan culture.
      Our tradition of Tibetan Buddhism has been very weak in allowing and empowering western people to be teaching Dharma to other westerners,in their own language.

      Some Tibetan Lamas , i think, do not see their job as being to truly , completely bring Dharma here , and to train people here to hold the lineages completely , so that they could , in turn teach it independently and on their own , to others.

      Some Lamas do not seem to see, in their o

      • Philippe says:

        Amen to that, about the Tibetan culture versus western approach !!
        I command you to have the courage to speak up.

        When you think about all the risks teachers like Chogyam Trungpa and many others took many years.ago trying to westernize Buddhist practice for our benefit I am pretty sure that many more would have done the same if they would have had the time to learn our languages and our ways.

        These statements are not against the Tibetan Culture at all, Tibetans have done very well to keep Tantric Buddhism alive they received from India and adapt it to their culture. But Tibetan Culture is not relevant to the needs of the majority of people seeking the truth and awakening in the west. And with it also came along with many superstition , beliefs and rituals that are made to enslave the mind with fears and worthless devotions in term of Buddhism Thought.

        Our Ancestors in the west have fought hard and faced arrest, deaths, tortures and fire at the stakes to dispel the Dark Ages that lasted nearly 1500 years.

        Good Luck in BC and Canada and thank you for your courage.

  65. Karen Foged Christensen says:

    Best wishes for the reestablishing of the Dharma communities!
    I shall do my best to join in and support, though i am not able to join you in Kagyu Ling France this time. I wish to join you there in the future.
    I have been in Kagyu Ling with previous Kalu Rinpoche before, wonderfull times, that I shall never forget.

  66. Ani Samten says:

    With prayers and love and deepest wishes that everything will be fine for you Precious Friend KALU and for the DHARMA and for all of us that have been so fortunate to meet the DHARMA, lay people, nuns, monks, Lamas, …may everyone lead a Harmonious Life according to the Dharma, with love and happiness and respect and care for all, and may everyone have what they need to be happy without harming anyone.
    Thank you la for showing us again and again the ESSENCE OF DHARMA! Which as you say is bring Happiness to all!
    With all my love and support from my heart. I won´t be able to come to Kagyu Ling but you will be in my mind and in my heart during all this time and hope to see you very soon.

    Please Bodhisattvas bless us! We need you now!
    Om Tare Tuttare Ture Soha

  67. Julian says:

    Dearest Kalu Rinpoche

    I so appreciated the completely selfless activities of our so dearly beloved Kalu Rinpoche, Karma Rangjung Kunkhyab. I wish that all his and your students, disciples and friends fully support your pure dharma aspirations and activities.
    My heart-felt prayers for all you do and all you embody.

  68. T. Chozom P. says:

    Precious deeply loved Rimpoche la,

    In your previous incarnation I saw only a glimpse of you and I felt deep love and generosity and wisdom radiating from you. Now I feel deep connection with you and reading all your post as were this personal letters to me. I love your direct and clear ways of speak; so well adapted to this modern “degenerated times”.
    Sadly we all face similar conditions of heartbreaking in our lifetime. Than I often look at your picture and hope always to meet you.
    I am so happy with you being with us in this samsaric life to be our guidance and light of Dharma and Heart. Hence I am sad with you for your sadness but I know the banner of victory of truth will fly on the end if the defender of the purity of Dharma is courageous.
    Its a proverb ” when a doctor is soft where its needs to be clear cut, he makes stinking wounds”.
    Same you are now the doctor for the centres and peoples with their blind spots of the egoistic attachments and please Cut there where is needed!
    Use also the worldly swords ( legal posibilities) to make a clear cut! Than the strong and healthy part will keep alive and are useful to fulfill their purpose.
    Thank you and more thank you!
    We all from the world are with you in our prayers with you. We all call on the mighty protectors to keep you and yours centres clean and safe.
    Although physically I am not able to come but with my heart of support I flew already to you dearest Rimpoche la!
    I will talk in my meditation with you….pray and just enjoy the sun! ;-) symbol of the glorious Dharma Fire radiating over the world.
    I wish you a nice spring easter puja.
    Much <3 <3 <3 to You!
    Tashi delek, Lha-gyalo!

  69. Daniel Kane says:

    Dear Rinpoche: I am praying for the success of the Dharma and as an American I admit that even sincere students have been at the mercy of politics within an organization, could be any organization and with all due respect, politics within Tibetan organizations is even worse than ‘American’ or Western organizations. I am very much involved in the Dharma here in LA (Santa Monica) and when organizing events we do our best to make the dharma available to everyone without bias or preference. I think you are helping to shatter some of these old political energies but in the mean time I have witnessed people drop out of the dharma because of politics, especially Tibetan politics.

  70. Yuki Wallgates says:

    Dear Kalu! I’m Yuki from Brazil, and I’m praying for your sucess!!! The real Dharma can not die! And you is one of the pillars of the REAL DHARMA! I support you, here in Brazil, I wish I could support for you there in France!
    May the force be with you, haha! n___n

  71. Roseanne Turner says:

    I shall be there in spirit and pray that you can set things right, for all our benefit.

  72. Carina (Su-Chu) Tsai says:

    It’s so big & seriously problems…. after visit Kagyu Ling of website and it show the price to enter a Monastery!!! It is a so great Dharma place but
    sell entrance ticket?!! If so, then it’s also will have some other matters’
    problem inside which do need you to change it to correct Dharma Path!!

    dear Rinpoche… please do your best to fix your monastery if it is such
    a kind of place nowaday!!…. Will pray for you & for Kagyu Ling everyday!!

    Pa lama Khenno!!

    • Philippe says:

      I am really glad you brought up the issue of a fixed fee for entrance to a “temple”, or for that matter a “fixed price: to listen to a teaching or worse I still see “fixed price: demanded for so called “Initiations”.
      When I raised the issue early on many years ago, the answer always was, well it’s not for the teachings it’s for the room, etc….

      I still say SHAME on the one participating in such activities where any fixed price is requested before hand, whether as teacher or as student, i,n perpetrating such a thing.

      I was never asked a price for any of the precious teachings and practices I received from my root lama or any others, even some so called “famous” or “high” ( what a joke). Even the practices booklets made by our teacher by hand in his humble abode never cost anything.

      I was never asked a price for the teachings I received from north american Medicine men or (Mexican) Huichol shaman I had the pleasure to meet in my life, though there are also, many deviant ones ask for money for workshops, “sweats”, ceremonies and the likes.

      Jesus, Buddha, among others, lived with no money and asked for no fees at all ever. I am sure they could have found some smart excuses for fees of any kind.

      Hell, we can even go to “Mass” and to any Catholic church for free.

      Start with the beginning, and get rid of the money request for teaching or “empowerment” and have faith in what is being taught.

      • Daniel Kane says:

        Hello Philippe
        one of the reasons so many dharma centers struggle to host lamas and put on genuine teachings is that it does cost money to put on an event. Here in Santa Monica (LA) I have organized about 10 lama visits over the past 6 years. We always ask for a ‘suggested donation’ and it DOES cover lama travel and room rentals BUT we also say ‘no one turned away for lack of funds’. and we mean it. We have people who come and cannot pay anything at all but we have never told someone ‘go home’ :)

        Hope this helps, but I dont know what it is like in other parts of the world, I agree SHAME on a mandatory fee in most cases.

  73. Timothy Kasten says:

    Dear Rinpoche,

    My lama, Lama Zopa Walter, did his three year retreat at Kagyu Thubten Choling (KTC) in New York many years ago. He was a student of your predecessor and Lama Norlha Rinpoche. Lama Zopa once showed us a funny picture of himself in a Superman costume playing with you when you were a child visiting KTC. We have a small sangha in Vermont in the USA. Lama Zopa works in a bookstore and doesn’t have much money, but he is a good and dedicated lama. Every month our little sangha comes together for a teaching and meditation and honest, open discussion of the Dharma. Lama Zopa makes soup for all of us whenever we meet. We are not great students, but we feel great affection for Zopa and each other. I think Zopa has chosen to live and teach without any involvement in Dharma politics and that is one of the reasons we are his students. He doesn’t put himself on a throne. He is working on deeper realization like the rest of us, but we all respect each other as teacher and students. There is no jealousy or fighting about money or power in our group; we just like each other and care for each other and encourage each other on the path. We are like a family. I don’t understand the situation at Kagyu Ling, but I hope all the sangha will see through (see the emptiness of) all petty feelings. Life is too short and sweet for disagreements. We don’t have a center in Vermont, but if you ever decide to visit us here, we will make you completely welcome and comfortable.

    Tim Kasten

  74. Margaret says:

    Dearest Kalu Rinpoche,

    As long as you are feeling this way dharma will be safe and pure. And there are many that feel as you do.

    I will use my life to uphold the pure dharma by choosing a way to live that will demonstrate, to the best of my abilities, the way we feel and the way we know.

    I will be there beside you, in spirit this weekend and I will pray for Kagyu Ling and all beings.

  75. Karmakshanti says:

    Greetings and prostrations to you, Rinpoche. I practice at Karma Thegsum Choling in Columbus, Ohio, USA. Our sangha is still vigorous and strong and my root guru, Ven. Khenpo Karthar Rinpoche still guides full houses of retreatants with compassion and loving kindness despite the infirmitities of his 88 years. We will welcome you, if you ever come on tour here.

    Twenty-four years ago I had the great good fortune to receive the Gyalwa Gyamtso wang from your predecessor. Ever since, the yearning to practice it has been a barb in my heart in the way caused by no other wang by any other. I have finally received permission to do so from my root lama.

    Almost all else has left me over the years, and I only possess the wish fulfilling gem of the Dharma. I can’t do much, but my practice is the best and most valuable thing I have. So I can, and I do, dedicate all the merit it accumulates to your need to straighten this situation out, one way or the other. And I will continue to do so until it does straighten out.

    Thank you for posting a good picture of yourself, which I can keep on my puja table to remind me of your need.

  76. Lama Pamela Gayle White says:

    I took refuge in Kagyu Ling in the 80s, received my first empowerment from Kalu RInpoche, stayed and planted hundreds of trees and bushes, met many wonderful people and a few who made me uneasy, and then left to follow my heart teacher, Gendun RInpoche. Impossible to forget the enthusiasm of the young practitioners in Kagyu Ling, or the confusion about what the path of devotion really requires.
    I’m still in love with the Dharma; I’ve been around long enough to know that politics and Dharma are disastrous bedfellows. I’ve seen politics get the upper hand too many times. Thank you, Rinpoche, for giving the Dharma the power it needs to prevail.

    • Erika-Kunchog says:

      Hi Pamela
      nice to read your message to Rinpoche ….you made a nice photo of me in front of the caravan in Kagyu Ling before retreat…hope you are well…and teaching???

  77. Pema Lhamo says:

    I to support you in all that you do. I won’t be in France in person, but I will be there in my mind and with my prayers. This may be difficult, but change usually is and we know that for the Dharma to grow there must be change. What you bring is most important and like a breath of fresh air. All my love to you Kalu la.. ; >)

  78. Iris Sancho says:

    Dear Kalu Rimpoche

    You are our flag, the shinest sun that arise victorious. I find really brave from you to point the human “bad things” that mess everything, even purest Dharma. I heard something unpleasant about other lamas in other time, and I found myself not knowing what to say or what to do about it.
    Disappointment is really sad, you shouldn´t suffer that, but I`m sure you will transform that into a big teaching.

    You are so great Kalu la



  79. Juan Ángel says:

    Dear Rinpoche: thanks for your trust and sincerity. Unfortunately, the spanish translation is not complete but still enought to glimpse the gravity of the situation.
    With my unrestricted love, prayers, support and action in these difficult times, your unconditional disciple
    Trinle Gyamtso.

  80. Karma Dorje says:

    Dear Ripoche la,

    I hope everything will be Okay.I hope so.


  81. tsultrim nyima , dhellemme xavier says:

    If you want to join a group on facebook that contabilise recitations of mantra of gourou rinpoché to help Kalu Rinpoche look for this group :Accumulation of Guru rinpoche mantras to support kalu Rinpoché

  82. Rinpoche,
    Take heart, I remember many years ago hearing our leader HH 17th Karmapa in reference to some of the challenges he faces in “politics” wrapped up with ugly matters saying. “I will practice pure dharma and in time all things will be cleared up and truth will prevail” or something to that effect. In difficult moments in my life faced ego, anger and sadness I remember this saying and it gives me courage. We devoted students of the Karma Kagyu lineage are with you, take heart dear teacher. It will come to pass as you request. Your are the head, heart and hands. You will clean it up, that I am sure. Be strong and we will pray for your wishes to pass, and obsticals to be cleared!

  83. Yeshe Dorje says:

    Even though I can’t be physically there, as you told us once, we’re always together.

    “Namo Guru

    Bhagavan Vajradhara, all-pervasive victorious one.

    Yidam deities, reflexive awareness and the pure appearances of the karma and terma

    Assemblies of dharma protectors, the expression of the powers of the four activities
    Think of me from the expanse of the great display, which is without reference

    Through wisdom, which has been developed throughout many countless kalpas

    Your nirmanakaya manifests in various ways to train beings

    Jetsun Lama, life force of the practice lineage teachings

    May your life be long and your activities expand

    By the noble intention of my completely pure aspirations

    By the power of the perfect truth of the of the Dharmata

    May all their wishes be spontaneously fulfilled

    And virtuous signs blaze as the glory of Samsara and Nirvana.” Tai Situ Rinpoche

  84. slowlion says:

    dear kalu
    i would like to say that i wholeheartedly support what you are doing

  85. Karma Sherab Lhamo, Chicago says:

    Rinpoche my prayers for your pure activity to spread and reach far and wide. Love and courage to you and all those who help.

  86. Eric Weinberg says:

    I read this & thought, the Buddha Dharma is stainless and the most precious gift I have ever been given. The gift of Dharma depends entirely on authentic teachers turning the wheel of the teachings, the unbroken axle of unbroken authentic lineage and the authentic devotion of students.

    Then what came to mind is the hexagram KU from the I-Ching: I believe that this is worth reading.
    The Hexagram
    Ku / Work on What Has Been Spoiled [Decay]

    The Chinese character ku represents a bowl in whose contents worms are breeding. This means decay. It is come about because the gentle indifference in the lower trigram has come together with the rigid inertia of the upper, and the result is stagnation. Since this implies guilt, the conditions embody a demand for removal of the cause. Hence the meaning of the hexagram is not simply “what has been spoiled” but “work on what has been spoiled. ”
    The Judgement

    Has supreme success.
    It furthers one to cross the great water.
    Before the starting point, three days.
    After the starting point, three days.

    What has been spoiled through man’s fault can be made good again through man’s work. It is not immutable fate, as in the time of STANDSTILL, that has caused the state of corruption, but rather the abuse of human freedom. Work toward improving conditions promises well, because it accords the possibilities of the time. We must not recoil from work and danger–symbolized by crossing of the great water–but must take hold energetically. Success depends, however, on proper deliberation. This is expressed by the lines, “Before the starting point, three days. After the starting point, three days. ” We must first know the cause of corruption before we can do away with them; hence it is necessary to be cautious during the time before the start. Then we must see to it that the new way is safely entered upon, so that a relapse may be avoided; therefore we must pay attention to the time after the start. Decisiveness and energy must take the place of the inertia and indifference that have led to decay, in order that the ending may be followed by a new beginning.
    The image:
    The wind blows low on the mountain:
    The image of DECAY.
    Thus the superior man stirs up the people
    And strengthens their spirit.

    When the wind blows low on the mountain, it is thrown back and spoils the vegetation. This contains a challenge to improvement. It is the same with debasing attitudes and fashions; they corrupt human society. To do away with this corruption, the superior man must regenerate society. His methods likewise must be derived from the two trigrams, but in such a way that their effects unfold in orderly sequence. The superior man must first remove stagnation by stirring up public opinion, as the wind stirs everything, and must then strengthen and tranquillize the character of the people, as the mountain gives tranquillity and nourishment to all that grows in its vicinity.

  87. Gavin Stairs says:

    Dear Rimpoche:
    Where they know no emptiness, see emptiness. Where monks cling to money and position, see house-holders. Where your predecessor built impurely, see samsara and let go. The way will open when the mind is clear. Build only with emptiness.

  88. suli says:

    Dear Rinpoche,
    Totally agreed with your brave action. Pray for you and the Dharma. Hope the Dharma will light up again in Kagju Ling and all over the world. We’re all with you no matter where you are.

  89. Söpa Nyima says:

    tengo 800 Km. de distancia, y es poco probable que pueda estar con Ud.
    recuerdo su estancia en Dag Shang Kagyu y conservo con muchisimo cariño
    la canción que hizo en el albergue, desde aqui voy a hacer todo lo que esté en mi mano para que el agua vuelva a su cauce, y todo sea beneficioso para todos
    los seres, se que todo se arreglará, y tengo infinita fe en mis compañeros/as franceses; Recuerdo la primera vez que lo vi en persona, fue en la india y nos dijo una cosa que ha marcado mi vida, ” la practica es muy importante, pero la bodichita lo es muchisimo mas “, puede contar con todo mi respeto y apoyo para lo que sea necesario.
    larga vida Rinpoche.

    San Miguel ( 4 cajas ) para los amigos

  90. JUlie Campbell says:

    Dear Rinpoche,
    I whole heartedly support you and will be praying for success in all your activities. May the glorious Shangpa Kagyu Linage continue to flourish with the pure practice and intention of all disciples. Through your activity and the efforts of all pure minded practitioners may the ignorance of ego clinging and all the associated defilements of beings be cleared away completely. I am sorry that I am unable to be present with you in France. May you live long and may your activity never diminish.

  91. yeshe nyima says:

    Dear Kalu Rinpoche,

    Thank you so much for writing these thoughts and feelings!
    It encourages me for sure.
    After some 20 years of practice and being practically implicated (working) in a Dharma centre for 5 years, i came to the same conclusion as you did. It was already clear for many years to me, but one hopes one is wrong. But i could not stay blind for longer, my heart ached too much.
    I told them almost the same thing, as you wrote: I was always thought that Kagyu school was not interested in politics… but i can only see politics (in all its meanings-gathering as much money and power too-)
    But i’m also convinced that many of the problems have rooted because there are some western people “in control” of such centres and they made these problems also happen cause of their own search of power and other egocentric motivations/private agenda… so it works both ways.
    Practice in a serious way was not really easy or long-time-inspiring. But then it is easy to think it is one’s own fault and one continues on a strange path.
    So i had no more choice left , then to leave.
    Okay, i will not say i didn’t learn nothing… i did. And i’m also sure that many lama’s are discouraged too because of this reality… and they keep on trying doing their best in these difficult situation. So thanks to them not all my time was lost. Also i was lucky to have met a very good tsawa-lama in India before i started practicing here. And meeting by accident some big masters from other schools was also an encouragement.
    Pitty that Kagyu Ling in France is too far for me to come over for a while, but hopefully this practice will shake things up in a good way. A real wake-up call!
    Thank you so much ones again… really hoping to meet you again, cause last time i was too sad and angry about tibetan bouddhism and even more about our centre, i was unable to great you with my heart. Eventhough i appreciated what you told there too. My anger made me mute.

    Could it be possible to give more detailed instructions for the people who cannot come and want to practice along at their place?

    Sorry to have taken so much spacee on this site, but i really wanted to say this.

    Thank you so much and keep up your good courage, it will not be easy for a long time, cause problems run really deep and wide.

    wholeheartedly yours
    Y N

  92. Rita Chen says:

    Rinpoche la, I just feel sad what they did to you in France and sorry that I can’t go to France with you now. But whatever where are you? whatever where am I? you are always here with us. You’re always in our heart. We pray for you and give you our power in Taiwan. Love you and support you forever.

  93. yeshe nyima says:

    ——–one more thing—- LOL
    But i feel obliged to tell that many people in our centre left… when i asked over the years and told the people in power how to explain all these frustrations, they gave strange explanations that these people had too many emotional or psychological problems and created a bad atmosphere in the centre.
    It sounded acceptable cause these people left very angry.
    But in fact they were isolated by some “responsible” ones and behind everybody’s back they were silently attacked and surrounded us with lies. For many people it sounded too weird to beleive these people who left.
    After all… all these blessings … only big masters can give blessings and such, no? So one keeps silent and beleives it… also buddhism is for many people the last resort… and these blessings can work as a drug too.
    Shut up about problems and one will get blessed!
    As one also said to us: it’s their bad karma that they leave …what a nonsense!
    Sorry but this was something i really wanted to tell you too.

    Thank you again for your goodheartedness
    with love
    y n

  94. My dear root guru and my family member, kalu rinpoche:

    Tonight as i’m here tonight in Taiwan hearing the news from France, my heart sinks, just like u and all other dharma bros and sis. Oh, how miserable we are to face such a heart-breaking event together, but i know we’ ll be more pathetic if we lose our confidence right now in our guru as well the lineage, the perfect accumulation of all buddhas, buddhisattvas and dharmas.

    But, i’m not worried at all, ‘coz u ever told me personally and in public, ” Be Happy!” So, I’ll do all i can to pray from now on till all sentient beings get enlightened that everthying rinpoche concerns goes smoothly without delay , even though i’m not available to be there with u, rinpoche. Please be happy and receive my sincerest prayer from your closest student and bro in Taiwan. May all obstacles eliminated right now and right here. Om mani padme hum…Om ah hum bendra guru padma sidhi hum….

    Lama kunpo yeme la
    Dani gube gybsu chi
    Dagi semje tomje gi
    newmon malu sewa sho

  95. kawaii Liew/ Tsultrim Tsering Yitrog says:

    Seriously, who the lamas will bully and oppose to Kal rinpoche, it is not veri nice thing to do if done in an aggressive manner. I hope it will be resolved peacefully, and i hope everybody calm down, rock the world but dont shatters the good things in life, which is mutual concern. if things are done right, long term benefits are quite worthwhile. If we love this earth we wil change for the better . Sometimes men who have been acting strong may not be so strong after all. Afterall, including myself , we need to be able to sleep in peace. And relative reality seem so real more often then not. Im saying then we may be born elsewhr ultimately, is that what we want ? Maybe, maybe not, decide now. If the answer is yes, then go out and own a factory or start a business, make it big like everybody else does. If i m doing well as a career person, it is proud to say life had been decent. If Jesus could die on the cross for man-kind, he had done it.
    If we are all proud of good things that may happ, so make it happen today !

  96. Lo.yeun says:

    Yangsi-la… i was in a retreat center of Kalou Rinpoche for 3 years…and very deluded by what happened with many “so called” lamas after…I took distance after some years, but it was not so easy… I don’t have trust in the tulku system , but the education you recieved from the so great Boddhissatva “Bokar Rinpoche” seems to be an excellent basis and inspiration for a good job in presenting Dharma in the modern word, particulary in western countries. I appreciate soo much your thrue critical and Dharma spirit with what happened in Plaige and many centers in France (cf: your 2010 visite) . Your predecesors in the lineage; K.Kalou Rinpoche and Bokar Rinpoche are always my Hearts Lamas…

    Impossible for me to come to Kagyu Ling next week end… i will think to you… hoping that the autenticity of the lineage should be restabilished…

    Hope to see you soon..!

    With respect and hope

  97. Athena says:

    I will pray for you and that your aspiration prayers for Kagyu Ling are fullfilled. I will dedicate the merit of the retreat weekend I am attending 23/24/25th for this and for the flourishing of all the genuine dharma centres/ monasteries worldwide for benefit of all sentient beings.

  98. Mönlam says:

    Saying “woaw that’s a good idea” or “we’ll pray for you” or “we’ll keep you in our heart” simply isn’t enough! This isn’t a job for one person. You see how those “lama’s” react because they know one person can’t do a thing! Changes must come from within the sangha and each of you is the sangha. Start them not only in Kagyu Ling,but each of you must start them in their own centre. That’s how revolutions worked, that’s the road for succes! Tashi Delek

    • Lama Tsewang says:

      Yes Monlam, right on , members of the centres must think that the Dharma is theres to protect and look after ,not merely look to Lamas above to do it , and take responsibility.
      After all, I as a monk am dependennt for my support on others,on their generosity, and there willingnes to support the teachings

  99. Ann says:

    Much love!

  100. Tashi Wangmo says:

    Dear Rinpoche,
    My prayers will be with you and Kagyu Ling and all dharma centers that need some help.
    I once considered as my dharma home. I took refuge there, lived there while the second retreat was going on, prepared with Lama Tenpa for retreat. Kagyu Ling used to be a wonderful, powerful, incredible dharma place. So many great teachers came, the place was so inspiring. We built the stupa. There was not much money around but lots of faith. I wish this place will revive and inspire people like it did for us who went into 3 year retreat.
    With love and respect
    Former Kalu Rinpoche student

  101. kawaii Liew/ Tsultrim Tsering Yitrog says:

    In the near future all monks shd have to be signed authencity by their lineage head and their conduct audited, or send back for retraining. The lay community shd reinforce that, it will tighten the net for being out there among lay pple and hoarding possessions. Rinpoche is a lineage holder, matter of fact.

  102. Shirley Kwok says:

    Dear Rinpoche-la,

    I am moved by your candidness. You have the courage to speak out the truth. You will have our support by all means.

    Sorry that am unable to attend your teachings in France. Train tickets purchased but have fallen ill

  103. L Seunam Gyamtso says:

    Kagyu Ling in 1976 was the first center where I came.
    Then I participated in the founding of the center Vajradhara ling which I served for several years. Then you asked me to build the retreat center at the time of death of the 16th Karmapa’s what I did.
    It is under the direction of Lama Tempa Gyamco I did the traditional retirement age of 3. Then he did not have been possible to stay because my vision of dharma was different on the wish of Djamgoeun Kontrul Rinpoche I went abroad to teach and continue practicing in Germany.
    Now I’m back in the south of France where I am responsible for a retreat center for lay people.
    I do not know if you read these few lines but I will like you again see you and have the opportunity to talk to you.
    Although it was difficult to get close to you I could see you in Paris and Kagyu Ling (with my mother that you called Amala) some years ago already.
    One of your older students.
    I keep you in my heart always.
    L Seunam

  104. Rimpoche,
    Dernièrement un vieil ami faisait cette plaisanterie :
    Quels sont les signes, aujourd’hui, d’accomplissement d’un grand rimpoché ? un 4×4 et une montre en or. Mieux vaut en rire qu’en pleurer…
    Je ne savais pas que se posaient ce genre de problème à Kagyu Ling, mais en tant qu’ex-sympatisant de ayant personnellement souffert de la controverse des Karmapas, – Dhagpo Kagyu Ling où je vous vu sous votre forme précédente me sourire et m’enseigner -, je peux vous dire que votre message me touche profondément.
    Dear Rimpoche.
    An old friend cracked recently this joke : “What are nowadays the signs of accomplishment of a great lama ? 4×4 wagon and a golden watch”
    As we say in France, laughing is better than crying.
    I was not informed about those issues in Kagyu Ling but, being an ex-deep supporter of Dhagpo Kagyu Ling who has personally suffered from the Karmapa’s controversy -DKL where I saw your preceding shape teaching and smiling at me- I can tell you your message moves me deeply. Hope this new nightmare gets finished quick.

  105. L Marina says:

    where is Joseph Duane, Attorney who used to be your lawyer for Kagyu Dharma in USA?

    he would be most helpful if available hopefully since he is also your devoted dharma practitioner.

    love n aloha blessing rainbow prayers from honolulu hawaii . . . . .


  106. Karma Shen Pen Ta Yay says:

    Hi Rimpoche: I totally agree with you. It is time to root out the corrupt Lamas, be they western or Tibetan. The truth will prevail. I will be with you during that weekend although I am in China. Smile, relax and Be at Ease. Gesar KSPTY

  107. Fanny-Rose says:

    3 time try to reply:
    Thank you , so young , so much courage!
    Finally my prayers get an answer.
    So much pain in my heart, so much doubt in my mind.
    Always thinking my mind was deluded, practice harder.
    But more practice made me see even more,
    And my lama blaimed me, so distrust grow
    and selfhate became the result.

    We in the west are also to be blamed,
    we spoiled our lama’s in hope for there attention.
    Maybe in the beginning they really tried to remain pure.
    but seeing our way of live in,
    material and socalled “freedom”of speak and behaeviour
    was to sedusif they could not sustain.
    And the rich used as usual there power of money as they are used to.
    This is the base of the power of the catholic church and western society:
    You keep them poor (capitalist) we keep them dumm(church) also not what the Crist teached but simply the behavior of humans
    So this is the result of the causes from both ways, teachers and students,
    Always we can change as the Buddha tought us.

    So thank you again you have the power to do so and we will support you Unfortunately it is not only in France , up north there are more centre’s
    from your lineage with the same problems and people do not dare to speak and leave the centers in great disappointment.

    It do me good to read the comments of the others because i felt so lonely in all of this. May we all get out of this in a good way. lama’s and students.
    Time has come for an open and transparant society which internet helps to create so.
    I thank you so much for your efforts and pray for your strenght.
    May dharma florish for all and your feet stay standfast.
    I bow for the dharma and everybody who remaind to follow so.
    Lets strive for purness and the wold will be beautifull again.

    A little practitionar from Holland, please come this direction i invite you to come.


  108. Rinpoche:

    I am so sorry to hear this news, but rejoice in your clarity and boldness to address the problems within the Shangpa Lineage and maybe this will in turn help bring light to problems within other lineages.

    Although I can’t be with you in France, I aspire to see you once again in America or wherever you may be. I offer my help in whatever activity you have need for me – fundraising, organizing, cooking, any kind of support I can.

    with love and thanks,

    Karma Do-Ngak Tenzin

  109. Zoe de Bray says:

    Dear Rinpoche,

    Please keep helping to clear out this abuse of power, position and holding onto what should not be held on to. Please keep having loving relationships everywhere your goal. I wish you could please help the 17th Karmapa and his situation.


    A student

  110. བསམ་གཏན་སྒྲོལ་མ་ says:





  111. Anna says:

    Dera Young lama…you are so great!!!!!! keep sing and writen music ..yes ! we your you young adult need your song to weak our mind and hearts ..please try to reach out and share with your owner community of rebel
    “Manga Rock ” Japaneses rock group they are great! zamza album remenber your inner quest in your direct create style ..with intense vibration our bhodi aspiration and the need to share with like inspiration will make you relax and be with your inner lineage teachers in the eternal inner mandala of noble ones ..that will always give to you support and inlimit desire to free all sentient being from the sansara…i suggest to you be more close to the aspiration of the nalandabudhi spiration in the book teaching of “”REBEL Budha” the teacher is so handsome and kind and beuty …you will fall in love to him…came please ..and after came to see me in New York City Shambhala hall in your owner visit tecahing day and came to visit his center here in seatle.WA USA
    will give same revitalisation to your heart self…..came beloved young lama ..we love you so much,,,keep singing and came to visit seatle the rebel budha heart


  112. Dear Kalu Rinpoche,
    What you are seeing is not uncommon in the West w/ all religions. But that is only part of the whole picture. I am part of the Kauai Tubten Choling Center under Lama Tashi Dundrup, and there are many practitioners who have been inspired to fully accomplish a great deal of Dharma practice, even with Sangha disturbances. We rejoice in the Shangpa, we are a line of great yoginis and yogis, I don’t think we do well trying to box ourselves into religious institution and over-dependence on ritual.
    It seems perhaps those lamas have lost realization to experience, forgotten the Lama is inseperable from the Protector, and have grasped adoration for self. Lama Tashi taught us, from you, that compassion and knowingness is not enough, one must also have power. Machik Labdron said to begin the Chod peaceful, then semi wrathful, and if that is not enough, call on the Great Black One. I am certain you are Kalu, as is Lama Tashi, therefore you are Mahakala. Perhaps the time has come to use your power to pacify the demons of obscuration, remind them who you are. Throughout history realizers have had to kick some serious ass to create auspiciousness.
    Please forgive me if I have in any way disrespected you or caused any harm or damaged samaya. I am passionate about this lineage and it’s integrity, and I want you to know there are many serious and dedicated Shangpa/Karma Kagyu practitioners out here. I really look forward to seeing you when you come to Vancouver.
    Love, Jacques (Yeshe)

    • Dear Rimpoche!
      Our Dharma Garden in São Paulo Brazil was inspired by the previous and precious Kalu Rimpoche and is under your name and blessings. Lama Trinley Drupba was the founder and he always advised us not be in touch with politics and power connected with Dharma.
      Please accept our support for your cause. We are expecting you here, for your visit in October with a lot of young people very much interested in knowing you and listen to you.
      Hope now in Kagyu Ling everything will be calm and develop as you wish!

  113. pik kwun says:

    Dear Kalu Rinpoche, I trust you and fully support you in whatever changes you will make , I trust your any decision for keeping the Dharma pure and respectful. Actuallly , teachers like you are most needed nowaday for leading us to the right path, and speak up to protect the Dharma centres from being abused . I feel safe and warm whenever hearing form you .

  114. Dearest, we all wait such a long time for somebody like You: go on! With love
    Francoise Pema Khandro

  115. Alky says:

    I know how bad and sad it is. I had been there last year. I am sure dharma should be pure. You have my support and prayer, as always.

  116. chennata says:

    We all support you and pray for you Kalu Rinpocee~~tashi delek!

  117. Erika-Kunchog says:

    Thank you for being so outspoken and truthful ,Rinpoche,
    You always have my support and if I can not follow in your footsteps then I will follow you on facebook….and in my heart….

  118. You are a great revolutionary. And make a wonderful revolution of love, well, peace, knowledge and joy generated many consequences. Especially among rancid people and reactionaries!
    You are a wonderful spiritual teacher who spread the Dharma! We are with you! Love!

  119. Karma Namgyal says:

    Dear Rinpoche,

    thank you for the Tashi Delek new year’s blessing mp3, it is beautiful and purifying for the mind and heart.

    i am sympathetic and a little sad yet also heartened to know we are not alone in this struggle. In Boulder too, amidst some circles there is similar trouble and abuse of power, coincidentally also in Kagyü circles, of which from my name here you can tell I am a… card-carrying member.

    Today, coincidentally, in Seattle we offered 315 butterlamps in support of your purification of obstacles and victorious work. I did not know until the dedication, that the sponsor, a woman named Joan, was sponsoring this for you.

    Nonetheless many good powers came together to make this happen, and much auspiciousness surrounded the event, and we put many prayers into the activity.

    The lamps are burning now.

    may each lamp that burns perfectly cleanse that many obstacle-makers minds in your correct support.

    with sympathy,

    from Seattle


    Karma Namgyal

  120. Dear Rinpoche
    How happy and touched I became reading your words just now. I have been in touch with the Buddha dharma for over 20 years now, and completely share your sadness of how things have unfolded and unfolds there. The Buddha himself once declared, that when his dharma will end, it will do so not because of outside enemies, but it will rot from within the buddhist community itself.
    Seing how Tibetan teachers, Rinpoches and students ( I have mostly been in contact with this tradition) have been behaving during these years certainly certify the Buddhas prophecy. There are exceptions off course, like H.H. Dalai Lama and others. I myself feel disgusted with tib. buddhism now. For me this tradition is like a bad smell that stays in ones nostrils for hours after you passed the shit.
    Thank you so much for your honesty and courage, and good luck!
    Yours Karthik-Carsten

    • Erika Kunchog Belair says:

      While the Buddhas prophecy is true and his Teachings are threatened from within it is up to each one of us to make a difference.
      I sincerely respect all the Transmission Lineages from Tibet as well as their representatives.
      We are very lucky to be able to receive their Teaching.
      While not every Lama ,Rinpoche or student may be a good example for excellent behaviour they are nevertheless a source of inspiration and even from their errors we can learn.
      It is easy to judge but it is so much more dificult to do better and to be without fault.
      May the Buddhas Blessings always be with all of us

  121. Joshua Jayintoh says:

    Rinpoche…Wow, I cannot commend you enough for actually saying this. It takes a lot of courage and bravery to write what you have…and also trust in the readers.
    When living in Thailand, as a monk, I saw this same scenario also happen with the monks, and so I can understand your feelings, especially of being heartbroken.
    Your mentality and heart that was shown here is the kind of attitude I wish not only more monastics would have, but people in general.

    Thank you for being you and for posting this. I would like to help you in ways that you seem fit! Perhaps we’ll be in touch sometime soon.

    Regards in the Dhamma,

    Joshua Jayintoh (Horne)

  122. Kezang Dawa says:

    Rinpoche…..nothing can demolish our dharma as long as we are with prayers…..

  123. Tashi Delek Rinpoche la,
    GOSH ! A breath of fresh air ! finally — and to call it as it is. The degenerate slipping of the presentation of the Dharma in the West & East has been very painful to watch for this old dog in the Dharma. Ever since my last living teacher ( Trungpa R. passed), it has been really hard for me to truly connect to any Sangha. Even though I continue to be involved, and help advising people with Stupa building and all that—-We need to dis-mantel any teacher that expresses him or herself to much in spiritual feudalistic attitudes. And falls into the mutual deception trip of conveying to much Tibetan / Asian cultural trappings, that only ‘trap-the-mind’ further in silly superstitious believes. We Westerners need to take hold of our birth right !—when the Dharma comes to a new country we can start with a new / cleaner slate, ( hopefully). To many lost their ‘questioning-mind’ —oh deeply sad this is, and see the consequences of deeply scarred minds walking around with low self esteem, needing pay for an other shrink. Long live those teachers that are not willing to go on with the status quo. And long live us, as students,and the experienced old dogs, do not feel discouraged or feel intimidated, and upheld the core aspects of Dharma that is free from Spiritual Materialism—and is free from New Age theistic colorings— Hurray !!, we go onwards and bake that next fresh dharma bread—that tastes up to date — and IS delicious, and is free from thrills and frills !–Paul c K.

  124. Susann says:

    My dear rinpoche-!

    I m sharing your prayers, next to you !!

    take care

  125. john peder staubo says:

    dear Kalu Rinpoche la, old Kalu Rinpoche said , on the vadrayana path Lama is indispensable there is no substitute for Lama. Thank you for returning. May you have a long Life and may there be no obstacles to your tachings. I pray for the enlightenment of all sentient beeings

  126. Gyatso Zangmo says:

    Kalu…you not alone, we always together. I understand what you said. I am from Indonesia also try practise Dharma. Karmapa chenno :),

  127. Gervay Brio says:

    I left a sincere message yesterday, I m surprise to not see it today! is it censured? so don’t be surprise that dharma turn to drama…

  128. Pascal Schuyt says:

    Dear Kalu Rinpoche,
    With a lump in my throat and misty eyes i read your words, and the vast view that radiates from them. Please ask my Master Sogyal Rinpoche for advice, I am sure he will consider your appeal. I will practise tendrel nyesel to remove obstacles for you. May doors open and willingness receive your enlightened intent.
    I am thinking of you, in the distance without distance.

  129. Kelle says:

    Your courage and honesty in dealing with matters that are so often ignored in both Western and Asian buddhist centres is shockingly refreshing, thank you for your actions and keeping dharma truly alive. You have my full support. As do so many other people.

  130. Vanna says:

    Dear Kalu Rinpoche,

    I hope you continue your efforts to keep the Dharma safe and pure.
    It is heartbreaking for those who in desperate need turn towards the dharma for refuge only to find utter hopelessly due to being misled by samaya breakers in the lineage. I wish things were different. But your actions
    from this letter gives still the hope that Rinpoche and Karmapa (Orgyen Trinley Dorje) and many others will change things and make it straight like being the bright light that shines in this time of darkness to keep the dharma safe and pure for us all.


  131. Angelina says:

    Dear Rinpoche,

    Thank you for honestly stepping forward and expressing your thoughts about this issue. True dharma is simple and the purity can be easily sensed. Although many lamas are doing their best, there are some whose behavior have been extraordinarily difficult and unfortunately they have passed on this example to their students.
    My sincere wish is that your attempts to shed light upon and to clarify the issue will create the change that is so deeply needed.

  132. Rachel Sun says:

    I cannot stop the tears as I read these words.

    His Holiness Karmapa had just come for his second visit. I came on line looking for you after returning to

  133. Gompo says:

    Three cheers for Rinpoche for upholding and protecting the Dharma!

    It is really sad how many nasty power hungry individuals seem to find their way up in Dharma center politics. I say we throw all the bums out in all the centers across the globe.

    A great Rinpoche recently left his retreat in India to adopt the way of the wandering yogi. He left behind all possessions, money, clothes, and food. Dharma is NOT about money, power and politics, it’s about practice brought upon by the sincere motivation to help all who suffer needlessly in samsara.

  134. see you in Honolulu, what ever you need we will be there for the Dharma.

  135. Hong says:

    Dear Rinpoche,

    It is a little bit late now, I am so sorry, but I want to express my full support and I am happy that everything is all rigth now. You are so precious to me…I am so grateful to you, for all what you have done, for your sincerity in Dharma and life.



  136. Lama Kunzang says:

    I live two or three miles from Palyul Ling, Kyabje Penor Rinpoche’s seat in North America, where, with Kyabje Rinpoche’s passing, the same ugly face of Dharma politics was revealed: greed, power-mongering, breaking of samayas. It seems only the distant Heart-Son in Tibet, and Khenchen Tsewang Gyamtso, remain free of it, and they are practically unreachable and, in any case, are not fully trained as Penor Rinpoche was. And scandals surround many of the high lamas of all schools, including Sakya Trizin Rinpoche, one of whose sexual victims is a personal friend of mine. Guru Rinpoche’s most heart-breaking prophecies are coming to pass in our time.

    It is refreshing to hear a Tulku of your standing speak out against Tibetan Buddhism’s shadow-side, the Dark Side of the Force. Though I try to live, now that I am dying, beyond hope and fear – re dok dang dral wa – I DO hope that your new Vision for Dharma may come to pass. May the corrupt lamas and tulkus, and the willfully naive Tibetophiles in collusion with them, unlike the lamas who owed you obedience and devotion, step down – and make way for the cleansing wind of Beginner’s Mind!

  137. Andreas says:

    Indeed heartbreaking to read your statement,regarding Kagyu Ling.I took refuge there with Kalu Rinpoche.Was just the Chateau and Stupa back then.I had the utmost profound experience there in this life time,when I met Kalu Rinpoche.Keep spreading the Dharma,you are so much needed in this dark age.

  138. Premarupa says:

    All best wishes and support from another faraway student – who never met you, but was forever reading your books – and had the great fortune of meeting Bokar Rinpoche a few times in NYC. Truth will prevail.

  139. Sally Rose says:

    Kalu Rinpoche – you are a bright light, illuminating the way – thank you :)

  140. Myoken says:

    Wishing you well in your quest.
    Thinking of you.

  141. LG says:

    Dear Rinpoche,

    Let us know how we can help besides prayers, if need.

  142. drolma says:

    very sad to hear that. I can do nothing but only prayers. May Buddha bless you

  143. ธรรมสรณ์ says:

    I was encouraged to Rinpoche.
    Rinpoche. Let her win. All obstacles easily. To Buddhism.
    The world to be happy. I wish so. I do not speak English well.
    But I am sincere. was encouraged to Rinpoche.
    From … ธรรมสรณ์ พระไทย …

  144. This is the path of Buddha Metreya… The one that will unite us all in the future… My heart is happy and moved at the same time when reading this. A last a lama with balls and a pure heart of buddha…One who dares to stand against dogma and to question that what is not the essence of dharma…

  145. Edith says:

    Dear Rinpoche,

    I hope that I will see you smiling very soon.
    I pray I will be a great help for Excellent teachers as you are.
    May I become like you.


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