Kyabjé Kalu Rinpoché Today: Engaging the 21st Century


Engaging the 21st Century

Kyabjé Kalu Rinpoche emerged on the 21st century world stage joining a new generation of teachers beginning their international teaching tours. Each of these extraordinary individuals are incarnations of great masters from the last century, but it is amazing to see how quickly they are making a mark in their own right. While their predecessors might have been startled or mystified by certain aspects of modern western life, these young lamas are fully up to the challenge. English speaking and just as comfortable with a playstation or iPhone as they are with Madyamika philosophy, they transmit the teachings in a way that is both authetic and accessible. It is clear that Kalu Rinpoché will have a great impact at reaching out to a new generation of spiritual seekers; and in a way that appreciates the skills and tools of the modern world… such as the internet with all the sharing and communication that it may provide. A lot of options to put in place over the coming months & years .


  1. Marta says:

    Back home from attending your teachings and empowerment in DSK, I am impressed, you are not only pure love and compassion, I also love this updating of Dharma practice, this great sentences such as Dharma has no schedule, no language nor country. It all looks so much easier, tender and closer. Thank you for sharing Dharma with us, thank you for being the way you are, brave, honest and loving.

  2. Miguel says:

    Dear Kalu Rinpoche

    I want to express my great appreciation to you and also to Thinlay Khenpo, the resident lamas Dag Shang Kagyu and all those who accompany him in his invaluable work on behalf of the Dharma.

    Thank you very much !!!!!

    Tashi Delek!

  3. margit Glassel says:

    Dear Kalu, thank you for being the way you are, please continue to be yourself and don’t let you limit by people who might be attached to the old traditional Dhrama presentation. Sometimes, even in the Buddhadharma it happens like it happened in the catholic church: the pure essence of the holy teachings gets lost by the powerplays of hierarchies, monastery business, and merely cultural envelopments. With this I don’t want to say that ALL traditonal presentation are useless or bad. I have several more traditional Rinpoches as my beloved teachers, they also teach the pure essence of Dharma. But, the thing is, that many many potential students and mostly the younger generation ,might need a new approach, a more lay one, one who does not seperate you from your daily life, and one where you can be closer to your teacher as a spiritual friend ,and for these people the new generation of Rinpoches is sooo helpful. The dharma is in essence immutable, but it has always changed in its presentation according to time and place. Keep up the good work, my heart is yours, as it was the previous Kalu Rinpoche’s when I first met him 25 years ago and he gave me refuge. I renewed the refuge with you, and thank you for being here in this world again to continue the activity of the Great Jamgoen Kongtrul Lodro Thaye and the Great Yogi Khyungpo Naldjor. I want to express my gratitude as well for taking care of the Shangpa lineage. Thank you from my heart for everything.

  4. Marta says:

    Conectar con el siglo XXI (traducción)

    Kyabjé Kalu Rimpoché ha surgido en la escena mundial del siglo XXI junto con una generación de maestros que, a su vez, inician sus giras internacionales para dar enseñanzas. Cada uno de estas personas extraordinarias es la encarnación de los grandes maestros del pasado siglo, pero sorprende ver con qué rapidez dejan su impronta por derecho propio. Mientras que a sus predecesores algunos aspectos de la vida occidental pueden haber les dejado perplejos y sorprendidos, estos lamas jóvenes están listos para asumir los retos. Hablan inglés y se sienten igual de cómodos jugando a la playstation, con el IPhone o con la filosofía Madhyamika, y transmiten sus enseñanzas de una manera que es, a la vez, auténtica y accesible. Está claro que Kalu Rimpoché va a tener un gran impacto cuando alcance a una nueva generación de buscadores espirituales y además, de una forma que aprecia las destrezas y herramientas del mundo moderno, tal como internet que nos ofrece toda la comunicación y la posibilidad de compartir. Todo una serie de nuevas opciones que se realizarán en los meses y años venideros.

  5. maria says:

    Please never change even though the Bhuddist tenet is ‘nothing is permanent except impermanence’. A Norwegian 18 year old Bhuddist student Facebook friend of mine who is teaching me a lot about Bhuddism says you are an emanation of Milarepa. I think you are an evergrowing, unstoppable fireball of pure love and compassion. I have seen you, listened to your teachings and am a better person for it!!! Thank you and long life and happiness to you!!! Thank you for being in this world and never forget you can count on us as well. A.M.O.R.

  6. Dear Sangha
    We are looking forward to hosting Kalu Rinpoche in Los Angeles Sept 29-October 5th. If you would like to be on our email list, or can help us with fundraising, marketting, organization, social media, or in any way small or large, please visit our website and sign up for our email list.
    Nalini Chilkov

  7. maria (t) says:

    Dear Kalu Rinpoche La,

    Out of curiosity, who are the other new generation of teachers??

    Much love and long life and happinnes to you,

  8. Susan Meyers says:

    Hi Kyabje…I heard u in santa fe. Really really enjoyed your dharma conversation along with new mantra “sorry sorry very sorry” om? I am using your suggestions of offerings, besides my cabin, my car, my brother and me , I am more at peace with the fact that the little cabin will probably burn in the next big fire up in jemez but slowly slowly attachment lessening. So thank you very very much. Look forward to seeing you when you come back to New Mexico. Hope you stay well and have a good year.



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